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Air hostess eligibility criteria

Air Hostess Eligibility Criteria in India

According to the International Air Transport Association, India’s aviation industry is the world’s third-largest (IATA). With the country’s growing economic infrastructure, this industry has seen enormous expansion over the last few decades. According to Goldman Sachs’ economic estimate, the country has approximately six million planes and 400 million passenger departures. Young candidates will benefit from pursuing a career as an air hostess because of the nature of the profession, the compensation it pays, and the prospects it provides.


Obtaining Air Hostess Training necessitates a certain level of education.


There are certain Air Hostess Eligibility Criteria. An aspirant for the position of air hostess must have finished a 10+2 education in any subject or an undergraduate degree in aviation. The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 26 when applying for the program. The candidate should stand at least five feet and two inches tall. At the time of applying for the course, the candidate must be single. They should have a normal or corrected vision in both eyes of 6/6. The individual should be in good health and have a pleasant demeanor.

After seeing a vacancy, the candidate can proceed immediately to the training schools or airlines to apply for the training. Following selection, the airlines will conduct an initial screening process to determine the candidate’s height and weight. The candidate must pass the airline’s entry exam. Following the test, the main interview will be held to assess the candidate’s voice, language fluency, communication skills, and personality. The airline will provide six months of air hostess training to the candidates who are chosen. Other than the above-mentioned Air Hostess Eligibility Criteria, there are some other requisites.


Becoming an Air Hostess necessitates the acquisition of certain abilities.


Air Hostessing is a course that necessitates a lot of soft skills and personality development. Apart from the above-mentioned air hostess eligibility criteria, the air hostess must be self-assured and have a pleasant and polite demeanor. Other talents necessary include:


  • They should be able to speak clearly and have a strong voice.
  • In all instances, you should work as part of a team and be patient.
  • They should have a pleasant demeanor and look, as well as the ability to make quick decisions.
  • They should be able to communicate well in both the native and foreign languages.
  • It is critical that they have a strong feeling of responsibility.
  • They should have a calm demeanor and take the initiative in all situations.
  • They should maintain a cheerful attitude at all times and be willing to work with a variety of schedules.
  • They should have an innate ability to work in a group.


Salary and Career Prospects


A charming demeanor and suitable education are required to become a successful air hostess. The field has a huge potential and is projected to continue to expand year after year. Huge investments are predicted in this industry in the near future, thanks to the liberalization of the FDI policy. With the development of new carriers and enormous investment, the airline business is flourishing.


A profession as an air hostess also pays well and provides a pleasant working environment. If they work for multinational airlines, they can earn up to Rs 2 lakh per month. Domestic airlines pay between Rs. 30,000 and Rs. 45,000 per month. They are entitled to various advantages such as flight ticket discounts, retirement benefits, and medical insurance in addition to their normal monthly wages. Indian Airlines, Go Flight, and Air India are among the biggest recruiters for air hostesses.


What are the requirements for cabin crew/air hostess?


  1. To work as a cabin crew member or air hostess, you must be at least 17 years old. To be hired as a cabin crew, hopefuls must meet the age requirements as well as be fluent in English. Fluency in another language, on the other hand, will be a plus. After completing the 10+2 level of study, candidates are engaged as cabin crew. These are certain Air hostess eligibility criteria.


 What is the role of cabin crew/air hostess?


  1. Cabin staff, often known as air stewards or air hostesses, is in charge of assuring the safety and comfort of airline customers. Cabin crew members’ regular responsibilities include greeting passengers, directing them to their seats, reminding them of flight safety measures, assisting passengers with special requirements, and greeting passengers as they disembark.


What’s the difference between a cabin crew member and a flight attendant?


  1. There is no distinction between the two job descriptions. They are basically two different words for the same job description. An air hostess or cabin crew member is responsible for looking after passengers on a plane.


 Is a high school diploma required for cabin crew?


  1. Completing a 10+2 level education in any stream is the minimum educational requirement for cabin crew. Candidates who have received their diploma will not be given any particular consideration. To work as a cabin crew member or an air hostess, you do not need to be from a specific background or have completed a specific course. To be hired as cabin staff, candidates must meet other qualifying criteria such as weight, height, decent communication skills, good vision, and so on.


Is working as a cabin crew a legitimate profession?


  1. A career as a cabin crew member or flight hostess necessitates a pleasant demeanor and language ability. The job of a cabin crew member is demanding, requiring one to remain alert, work unpredictable hours, and have excellent communication skills. It is a job that is undervalued. Cabin crew personnel are not only there to serve food and beverages to passengers; they are also there to deal with emergency situations and assure passenger safety and security.


Is the pilot a member of the cabin crew?


  1. Pilots are in charge of flying the plane. Flight attendants, air hostesses, pursers, onboard chefs, and other cabin crew employees are examples. Passengers’ safety is the responsibility of cabin crew employees on board an aircraft.


What is the maximum number of hours a cabin crew member can work?


  1. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation establishes the maximum duty hours that cabin crew can work (DGCA). In long-haul flights, the maximum duty period is 22 hours. Cabin crew must not perform any “duty between 12 AM and 5 AM local time for two consecutive nights, except once within a period of 168 hours/7 consecutive days,” according to the DGCA.

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