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Computer training courses you can do in just 3 months duration from the Best Computer Training Institute | Aptech Gariahat Best Computer Training Institute in Gariahat

Aptech learning is a brand under Aptech limited. Aptech learning is considered one of the premium training institute for individual students who want to build their career in it sector, aviation sector, or business sector. It provides Computer training courses on IT learning solutions, banking and finance, English communication, business accounting-oriented courses, and many more. With Aptech learning, you can get updated study materials and updated training methodologies, and certified trainers, Aptech learning offers the student a competitive edge in their carer. It enables them to become dynamic job-ready professionals with USPS such as employability enhancement programs, holistic training infrastructure, placement assistance, live projects, new age courses, certified training, and onlinevarsity – which is an exclusive e-learning platform. Whether you are curious and passionate about IT, banking and finance, or hardware and networking- Aptech offers complete computer training courses and helps you get the right skills to follow your passion.


Why choose Aptech?

Aptech places a strong value on providing academic non-formal academic curriculum-based training programs, Computer training courses, and top-notch practical skill training. When you enroll in an Aptech career course, you receive:


  • The learning and career requirements of students, working professionals, and others are met through a wide range of career, professional, short-term, and certification courses.
  • Job fairs, campus placement campaigns, and other activities are often held for students to get employment upon successful course completion.
  • Workshops, events, and other activities that encourage student-industry engagement get them ready for job interviews and otherwise help students become more employable.


Here are the top 5 computer training courses you can pursue after the 12th examination-


  • Programming courses – 

A programming language is a system of notation for writing a computer program. If you are a beginner or a pro, you should remind the point that – web development is mainly classified into two parts – frontend and backend development. As a programmer, you need to use both. If you are planning to develop your website then you should learn the programming language first. Aptech provides programming language in c, c#, and c ++. You can learn the fundamental of the programming language to build a successful career as a programming language expert.



You can choose one of any short-term courses as per your need.




They understand the basics of computer programming

Write, compile and debug the program in C language.

Learn how to use functions, routines, and methods.

Use different data types in a computer program.

Basic and advanced level of c#

Introduction to object-oriented programming in c#

Define a C++ program’s structure.

Determine the common input and output functions

Describe the member functions in the secret and public portions of classes.


Utilize the class’s members and objects.

Why conditional constructs are used

Describe function overloading, inheritance, polymorphism, pointers, arrays, and other concepts.

describe how to handle exceptions

Utilize C++ to create object-oriented programs.


Duration – the duration of this course is 1-2 months.


Eligibility –

 Any undergraduate students, working professionals, engineers, or graduate students can pursue this course.

Fees –

The course fee in C programming language is 3000-4000/-, c# -7200-9600/- and c ++ – 5700-7700/-



  • Business Accounting-

Via virtual learning (through Arthavidhya) in a simulated environment, the Commercial Accounting course allows professional training in Office Automation, MS Excel, cutting-edge presenting methods, and online business accounting process. By doing these Computer training courses, you can Learn corporate operations in the support functions, finance & accounting, and banking domains by enrolling in process-based training.



Recording and reporting for accounts payable and receivable

lawful observance Payroll.


Eligibility- Any undergraduate students, working professionals, engineers, or graduate students can pursue this course.


Duration- the duration of this course is 3 months.


Fees – the admission fees are from rs. 9800-12000/- after completing this course, you can get a job as an account professional.



  • Software project management course – 


Utilizing the knowledge, skills, and resources required to supervise the development of software products to the maximum capacity is a need for effective software project management. By pursuing this course, You will discover the principles of software project management with this course.


Syllabus covers-

The definition, and The whole software project management.


Duration – the duration of this course is 2 months. The theory and practical classes are usually held for 2 hours a day and 3 days a week.


Eligibility –

  Any undergraduate students, working professionals, engineers, or graduate students can pursue this course.


Fees – the admission fees depend on between 8200 to 11200/-.

After completing this course, you can get a job as a project specialist.


  • It course for beginners –


Aptech provides short-time Computer training courses for students. No matter which career you choose you to need a strong foundation and knowledge in it sector and computers. You can become an expert by pursuing this short-term course from Aptech learning.


Syllabus –

 This course will give you quick training in computer foundation, internet basics.

Latest MS office with excel, word, outlook, and PowerPoint.


Duration- the duration of this course is 2 months and classes are held 2 hours a day and 3 days a week.


Fees – the admission fees for this course are between 5000-6700/-.

After completing, you can get a job as an MS office specialist, MS excel specialist.


  • Enterprise application development-java course –


Course details-

You will be learned all the fundamental details and enterprise application development using EJB.


Duration –

Enterprise Application Development (Java) is a 2-month course. Classes are typically held 2 hours a day/ 3 days a week.


Fees – the admission fees start from 6000-10,000/-

After completing the course, you can get a job as a java developer, or enterprise application java developer.

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