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This should be self-evident. Working for a global airline allows you to travel all over the world. You will have the opportunity to visit some of the world’s most unique locales. You meet a lot of new people when you travel from one city to another. You’ll also be able to stay in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels. You pick up on a lot of different features of other cultures. This work could be incredibly interesting if you’re willing to go to different places and stay for a few days. However, one should also have proper knowledge about how secure is air hostess job as a Career.

How secure is air hostess job as a Career

Let us read about the pros and cons of this job and understand how secure is air hostess job as a Career:

  1. Good Salary and Many Other Perks

The second-best element of working as an air hostess is the money and other benefits. Flight attendants and other crew members are handsomely compensated by the majority of airlines. They also reimburse you for additional hours worked in the event of a flight delay or cancellation. In comparison to other hospitality jobs, you earn a lot of money. Furthermore, most airlines provide gratis housing when flying out of the nation. Some carriers offer medical coverage as well. They will also provide complimentary travel tickets for you and your family. As a result, you earn several advantages in addition to your base wage. However, several domestic airlines do not provide lodging.

  1. Holistic Personality Development

The best aspect of the job, however, is that you learn a lot while you’re there. Your entire personality is developed. You’ll learn how to handle stress and communicate with a diverse group of passengers. You must learn to work as part of a team and to practice the most important virtue of patience. Furthermore, by visiting new areas and meeting a varied spectrum of people when traveling around the world, you develop social skills. Your overall knowledge and awareness of the world improve dramatically.

Your experience as an air hostess can help you further your career if you ever want to leave this job.

  1. Pay Scale

Your monthly income and supplementary perks could range from Rs.16,000 to Rs.35,000 (roughly) or more, depending on the airlines you join. As a senior air hostess with Air India or Indian Airlines, you might earn up to Rs.75,000 per month. Private domestic airlines have a higher fare. A senior flight attendant on a foreign airline might make almost Rs.3 lakh per month.

Cons of Airhostess Job

When talking about how secure is air hostess job as a Career, you must be aware of both sides of the story. An air hostess’s work isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Some of the disadvantages of working as an air hostess are listed below.

  1. Finding work is challenging

Finding an air hostess is the most difficult component of the job. As you may be aware, several airlines in the country employ a restricted number of air hostesses. As a result, job openings are already scarce. Even if a position becomes vacant, there is tremendous competition. For the role, only one applicant out of a hundred gets picked. As a result, barely 1% of the people succeed.

You can’t just go into an airline and apply for an air hostess position. The process is lengthy, and most companies collaborate with training institutes to teach how to become an air hostess. To begin, you must spend a substantial sum of money to enroll in the course. There is no assurance that you will find work even if you complete the course.

  1. Physical and Mental Stress Because the Nature of Job

Traveling, meeting new people, and staying in luxurious hotels all sound like a great time. However, in reality, it is the polar opposite. An air hostess profession is hard since she must deal with a diverse group of guests as well as flight safety and security concerns. You should also pay attention to their other complaints, such as flight delays, food, and whether or not they are sick. The work schedule is also extremely hard, and you must be able to stay in the air for extended periods. As a result, you spend little time at home with your family. You put in more than 10 hours per day at work. In addition, there is no established timetable. Moreover, you work at various times throughout the day and night.

  1. Other Issues

Other issues in the field of knowing how secure is air hostess job as a Career is includes early retirement, firing without cause, harassment, and so on. Finally, there are numerous more concerns about the job. Because this is a job for young ladies, you must retire sooner. When you reach the age of 35, you must hunt for a new job. You can’t work after 35 since you’re dealing with a lot of concerns like family, children, and marriage, not to mention the fact that the job is really difficult and demanding. As a result, you can retire earlier. If you are still employed, you may be dismissed. If you take time off without alerting your boss, you risk losing your job. If a complaint is filed, you will be placed on probation.

Finally, in this industry, harassment is a common occurrence. Because they seek favors, your superiors are pressuring you. As a result, you must decide whether or not you want to take this job after reading both the benefits and drawbacks.


As we know, how we say that every job has its own pros and cons, and no job is perfect in its field. Doing a job without knowing about the pros and cons might lead you to some difficult situations in the future. This job has a lot of perks more than cons. So, before you join, know everything about your job, and start your journey.

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