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How to become a wordpress

How to become a WordPress developer?

Role of a WordPress Developer
Designing, implementation and administration of Web sites by WordPress developers, WordPress, a free open-source content management system. They are both responsible for development at the front and back end — anything from plug-ins to security upgrades. WordPress developers create and manage the architecture of websites so that sites are beautiful and user-friendly. They are responsible for teaching WordPress and debugging and resolution of customer and staff website problems. Developers of WordPress can work for a number of industries, including design agencies, marketing companies and design companies of computing systems.


  • Stay informed on new software, trends and practises advances
  • Web sites using WordPress design, install and manage
  • Manage website development at the front and back end
  • Create plug-ins and themes for WordPress
  • Work with the creative team members
  • Keep the code clearly documented, reusable and transferable
  • Fixed and solved customer and colleague website difficulties

The accompanying skills list is the main knowledge fields which you as a WP developer require.


HTML stands for the Markup Language for HyperText. Simply defined, it is the basis for the assembly of webpages.

Although it is not a programming language, HTML is a critical ability to be learned by a developer. Knowing this will let you understand how the website works and provide you the tools you need to design a website from scratch, including page layouts, picture formats, etc. Even if you expect to use WYSIWYG, it means that you can see how editors or CMS are supposed to be for your content management system, knowing that HTML gives you a much higher sense of control.

2) JavaScript

JavaScript, one of the online contents and major interactive programming languages on a web site. It is responsible for the dynamic behaviour, both in the front and back-end development, of most sites online.

You should start with acquiring JavaScript skill if you want to establish your own WordPress agency, or just become the experienced programmer. Understanding how JS interacts with HTML and CSS in making the 3 web configuration levels allows you to develop your own web, web, game and mobile apps for interactive WP themes.

3) CSS

While HTML is responsible for the website structure, CSS is responsible for the visual aspect. CSS is a language used by front-end programmers to design and look like the sites that have been constructed into HTML. CSS is short for cascading styles.

CSS determines how on the screen the components of the website are presented – colours, font size and styling, text placing, block formatting and configuration, animation, background, etc. In short, it is the graphic design of the page and what is aesthetically convincing for the information.

CSS is one of the essential abilities of WordPress developers to construct a decent website and that any programmer and agency owner would benefit.

4) Bootstrap

It’s quite intensive to manually write every line of code, and in many instances, current technologies such as Bootstrap might even be redundant that provide free read-made website items.

To duplicate the basic code for your sites and then to adapt it to the single results your customers desire, you may utilise the open-source framework.

Bootstrap offers CSS, JS, HTML5 templates and box-sizing responsive meta tags. The tool may be quite beneficial to speed up your work and ensure you meet the newest Web standards.

5) ASP, Java, Perl, PHP

Websites may be developed with web programming languages of various kinds, and PHP, Java, ASP, Perl, etc are some of the most used. Naturally, all of these will assist you, but if you just have one to select, you certainly should pick PHP.

PHP is WordPress’s back-end basis and is now the pioneer of the Web, making it an excellent advantage for your technical abilities in WordPress. It is easy enough for someone who has no background but is also a highly experienced expert. It’s easy for him or her to learn.

6) Design Responsive

The days are long gone when the desktop was the sole web portal. People increasingly browse online on different devices, and on-screen of all shapes and sizes, websites should be equally nice.

All modern WordPress themes should be responsively designed and a vital skill for any developer is to know how to optimize your layouts for mobile traffic. The quality of the user experience is enhanced by mobile-friendliness and by the way users engage with your site’s content. It is also crucial for the optimization of search engines. Only the mobile version of websites is eligible for search output pages after Google’s initial mobile indexing upgrade.

Of course, a website may be made mobile-friendly by more than one approach, but wisest design. You create only one version of your website with code to describe the parameters and breakpoints that trigger changes in a page layout and change and alter content to exactly fit any screen.

As a developer of WordPress, this is an ability you absolutely desire. And as an agency owner, you can sell the concept to your clients by knowing how the process works.

7) SEO expertise

SEO is a vital technique and business-management skill. Search engine optimising is important. Even the greatest websites with the most professional design and functionality, if people can’t discover them online, are not helpful for business. And although SEO on the website is an internal marketing problem and is primarily focused on content structure and keyword optimisation, technical SEO requires the touch of the developer.

You should make them conform to current search engine standards and rules to ensure that the website you develop is crawled, indexed and properly classified. And because they develop continually, you should watch SEO trends and be sensitive to adjustments. Google generally informs website owners and developers of such in ahead and gives them time to execute any adjustments.

SEO’s overall objective is to improve user experience by making websites easy to browse and engaging valuable and reliable content. You may use both your WordPress technical abilities and the success of your company to understand how to implement them in your job.

8) Strategic Thinking

As the proprietor of a WordPress agency, you need to be able to plan strategically. For company success, nothing is more vital as to have a strategy, define targets and monitor and assess development according to KPIs.

Strategic thinking comprises industry knowledge, market awareness, competitive monitoring and an eye for talent recruitment. All of these aspects should be taken into consideration and taken into account when planning and making company choices for the future.

In addition, you should be able to detect the differences between your objectives and reality and often alter your plans for the adaptation. Leaving variables behind will enable you to concentrate your efforts for advancement in the correct area.

In short, strategic thinking means that your business and team leaders have a holistic perspective and always plan a step forward.

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