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Opportunities for air-hostess in 2022

Opportunities for air-hostess in 2022

Air-hostess is a type of flight attendant whose service is to look after the safety and comfort of a passenger traveling with them. From coordinating with the safety measures to serving with all the services to ensure comfortable travel, they do it all. There are different work categories for an air-hostess to choose from, they can choose and work in that profile after pursuing a certificate or diploma program in cabin crew management. The different work profiles for an air-hostess to choose from are: –

  • Air-Hostess: Their main purpose is to take care of everything starting from the boarding of passengers to the time they land.
  • Ground Staff: Their entire focus is on providing help to the customers, they undertake many responsibilities like giving support for all the inquiries as well as information about the flights.
  • Crew-Manager: They ensure the well-being of all the crew members and passengers traveling.

There are many such profiles for an air-hostess to choose from. Contrary to the previous years, the opportunities for air-hostesses in 2022 have increased very significantly throughout this year. The job opportunities are not limited to commercial airlines only there are various opportunities for air-hostesses on other hand also like corporate Flights( in these types of flights one has the whole flight to themselves and need to look after everything on their own), Military Flights( the air hostess working these flights look after the safety and comfort of all the dignitaries traveling in the flight), chartered Airlines( the air-hostess who work in these flights need to have different additional skill sets and should be certified from Federal Aviation Association( FFA) ), etc. Apart from this, there are Top Companies that recruit air hostesses for commercial flights that offer them different amounts of pay scales, every different airline company has its own set of rules while defining the pay scale for an individual. The salary of an air hostess depends on varied factors but the average and approximate salary provided to an air hostess at various different levels are given below (all the salaries mentioned below are per annum): –

  • Starting Salary – 4,20,000 INR
  • Mid Level Salary – 6,00,000 INR
  • Senior Level Salary – 9,00,000 INR

Note- All the above given salaries are an estimate/ rough figure and may differ from organization to organization.

Now, coming on to the opportunities of being in this field, the opportunities are increasing day by day but in the previous 2 to 3 years where everything including the travel of the passengers was put to halt due to rising cases of Covid-19, it also led to the declination in both the number of air hostess working as well as the opportunities provided to them. And due to the past experiences, it led to the rise of many questions like How stable it is to work in this field & whether one should become an air hostess or not or will they get regular and fair income or not in such times of need. But nowadays the time and situation are slowly and steadily changing as everything is starting to normalize the opportunities and zeal in this field have started to begin. For example, now in 2022 since the covid cases worldwide are already under control and all the other things have also started to normalize even the travel bans and restrictions are also pulled out, so all the traveling means have started to work on their full capacity and operation. Hence the opportunities for the new air hostess is also increasing as due to the pandemic the work force which used to work in this field has declined, so many vacant posts are also seen. The aspiring air hostess can apply for these vacant positions by matching meeting the required categories by the particular recruiting company, many companies are looking for young and fresh minds who are ready to work with full zeal and are eager to work in this field. The Aviation line is nowadays offering a lot of job opportunities for the new air-hostesses as well as the experienced ones since when the world was at pause and when the traveling was restricted a lot of things were either canceled or put on hold and since now everything is resumed again the unfinished businesses and the ones who wanted to move to and fro can all travel now, so there will be more number of flights which will indirectly increase the need for more flight attendants. Hence, all the young minds who aspire to become an air hostess or a flight attendant can firstly complete all the requirements for selection and can join the Airline of their dream as there won’t be many barriers like experience and time, but one’s research is important before applying to any of the Airline. Increasing opportunities are opening the gate for fulfilling the dreams and passions of many people.

We hope that with this article, you would have got new insights on Opportunities for air-hostess in 2022. Throughout this year as the flights resumed, companies have started recruiting air-hostesses increasing the opportunities for all the budding air-hostess to see their dream come true. Since the lockdown lifted, many opportunities for air-hostess have emerged not only in the commercial flights but also in private, military, and government flights as well.

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