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Top 10 IT Skills for Every Computer Science Professional in 2023 – Aptech Gariahat

Information technology (IT) refers to the use of computers and other electronic devices for data storage, transmission, manipulation, and retrieval. Unlike personal or recreational technology, information technology is utilised in the context of commercial activities. Being in IT industry might involve anything from programming a company’s new cloud infrastructure to fixing a worker’s wi-fi problems. Because the work is so diversified, the abilities you need to have based on your function in the IT industry might vary greatly. If you are from Kolkata and looking for the best IT training institutes, Aptech Gariahat will be a right choice for you. they provide best Computer course in Kolkata. They provide courses which are relatable and practical.

Why IT Skills Are Vital for technical job?

IT knowledge is crucial since it boosts your confidence in utilising technology both at work and in daily life. They enable you to operate more quickly and effectively. Also, they can help you save time and money by enabling you to handle technological issues on your own, without the need for assistance from a third party.

How to get the skills?

A reliable technique to make sure your skills meet professional requirements is to obtain certifications. Even sometimes, you’ll need to prepare for and pass a test. Look into the entry-level certifications that interest you. If you are from Kolkata, Aptech Gariahat will be a right choice for you. they provide best Computer course in Kolkata. They provide courses which are relatable and practical.

About Aptech –

Aptech learning provides Computer training courses on IT learning solutions, banking and finance, English communication, business accounting-oriented courses, and many more. With Aptech learning, you can get updated study materials and updated training methodologies, and certified trainers, Aptech learning offers the student a competitive edge in their carer. they provide best Computer course in Kolkata. It enables them to become dynamic job-ready professionals with USPS such as employability enhancement programs, holistic training infrastructure, placement assistance, live projects, new age courses, certified training, and onlinevarsity – which is an exclusive e-learning platform. Whether you are curious and passionate about IT, banking and finance, or hardware and networking- Aptech offers complete computer training courses and helps you get the right skills to follow your passion.

Here are top 10 IT skills for every computer science professional should obtain –

Software development –

In 2023, the most popular programming languages for software developers will be JavaScript, Python, Go, Java, Kotlin, PHP, C#, Swift, R, Ruby, C, and C++. For people who wish to create software, online apps, and websites, programming skills are a must need. Technical expertise in cloud computing, containers, and database administration will also be useful for software engineers who are career-minded. Without software development, no list of useful tech talents in the present day would be complete.

Cloud computing–

having Skills in cloud computing are in demand, from creating cloud infrastructure to maintaining it. By completing the IT courses from the best Computer course in Kolkata, you can get a job in this position. Positions like cloud developer, cloud administrator, and cloud architect may become available as a result of working with cloud technology. Understanding the following cloud platforms is advantageous:

  • AWS
  • Google cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Oracle

Web development –

currently on apps are what most software engineers are working on. There are no justifications for not taking time to relax as a developer. You must continually study if you want to stay current and at the top of your field. There is always room for progress in developing, no matter where you are in your profession. Newcomers must grow their talents to excel in their field, while seasoned developers should constantly work to optimise their scripts for readability, maintenance, and quick performance.


AI skills were requested in almost 33% of IT job listings last year, and 97 million additional jobs would be produced in this field by 2025. The current average salary of monthly is rs.2 to 3 lakhs is only going to rise as long as companies have trouble finding specialists with the requisite abilities for AI employment. IT professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) are currently in high demand, and for good reason.

Programming  – 

A programming language is a system of notation for writing a computer program. If you are a beginner or a pro, you should remind the point that – web development is mainly classified into two parts – frontend and backend development. As a programmer, you need to use both. If you are planning to develop your website then you should learn the programming language first. Aptech provides programming language in c, c#, and c ++. You can learn the fundamental of the programming language to build a successful career as a programming language expert.

Cybersecurity –

One of the trendiest fields for IT experts is cybersecurity. Ethical hacking, application security, network security, and cloud computing are the most in-demand cybersecurity subskills, but if you also have the fundamentals like risk assessment, intrusion detection, security controls and frameworks, and incident response, your market value will increase even further. Indeed, cyber-security experts who possessed strong threat modelling, threat detection, and threat management abilities received better pay-scale than any other software engineers.

UI and UX developer –

Effective UI and UX design is important as it can assist to raise productivity, lower support costs, and promote customer acquisition and retention. Each of these advantages appeals to businesses facing another difficult year and looking to improve their bottom line. IT professionals can master UX design to position themselves as authorities in the IT sector by developing skills in project management, coding, and target market research.

Data analyst –

Filtering, examining, changing, and cleansing data are all aspects of the art of data analysis. Data analysis aims to reach conclusions and enhance decision-making using information. Logistics and delivery, search engines, security analytics, and the IT sector all use data analytics.

Data Science –

A profitable professional path is data science. It calls for a skill set that goes beyond a technical degree in order to advance. The need for data has grown over the last ten years, and organisations are now making choices based on data. Data science is an excellent career choice if you appreciate solving challenging puzzles and have an analytical mind.

Blockchain technologist –

Blockchain is a new technique that records data in a way that makes it hard to corrupt, according to blockchain technologists. Hash, a type of cryptographic signature, is used to record transactions in the distributed ledger technology known as blockchain. The technology is utilised in a wide range of industries, including peer-to-peer energy trading, financial services, and cryptocurrency.  By completing the IT courses from the best Computer course in Kolkata, you can get a job in this position.

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