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7 Flight Attendant Questions and Answers

Top 7 Flight Attendant Questions and Answers

Are you looking to opt for a job in the Aviation Service? A position in the cabin crew for an airline company is quite a difficult job to achieve and sustain. The job looks very attractive and filled with adventures and indeed, it is adventurous till a specific point but is also very challenging. Not all the aspirants who aim to become a member of the cabin crew for any airline company end up serving the passengers in the aeroplane.

Here are some of the most important any aspirant should definitely prepare before going to the interview round. Being the last round before the selection, this is the most difficult yet the most interesting round among all the selection criteria. Before jumping to the questions, it is advised to be mentally prepared to answer impromptu questions as besides the questions given below, the HR manager would ask questions based on real-life conditions. We have tried our best to include some points which the HR would want the aspirant to include in their respective answers.


Some of these questions are given below


1 How will you handle an emergency situation in the aeroplane where all the passengers activate their panic mode?


Answer:- As a member of the cabin crew it is my duty to make sure that all the passengers stay calm and do not panic. Firstly, I will make sure that the children and the women present on the aeroplane are seated properly and are not panicking and then, after reviewing the situation I would help the passengers, my fellow cabin crew members, and the pilot of the plane as well. All the lives are equally important for me.

What points would the HR Notice –

(A): Team Management Skills

(B): Your Priorities in an Emergency Situation

(c): How well you can handle that situation


2 How will you manage people travelling in an aeroplane for the first time? 

Answer:- It is common among first-time travellers to panic and get a bit uncomfortable while being in the air, I will try my best to stay very patient with them and if needed give them some tips to stay calm. I will reassure the passenger about the perks of travelling by air which will surely help them to calm themselves and concentrate on the good part. 

What Points will the HR Notice


(A): Your Patience Level

(B): Empathy towards the Passengers

(C): Way of Communication



3 How would you handle a passenger who refuses to get along with the mandatory instructions during takeoff and landing?

Answer:- There might be a case that the passenger might have misheard or would have not heard the instructions, for such cases, I will repeat the instructions for them and if even after listening the passenger is not ready to comply with the instructions, I will take help from my fellow flight attendants or report it to the captain.

Points that the HR would Notice:-

(A): Situation Handling

(B): Conflict Management Skills

(C): Thinking Power


4 What are your customer service strengths?

Answer:- Listening to queries of all passengers will be my priority since the first flight I serve. I will see myself as a representative of the reputation of my company and every passenger have their expectations, I will try my best to meet all of them and give them a very comfortable experience throughout their journey.

Points that the HR would Notice:-

(A): Creating Positive Environment all around

(B):  Improving Passenger Satisfaction and thus leveraging the company’s reputation

(C): Building connections


5 Have you ever been in a situation in the past where you had to resolve an issue with your co-worker, if yes, how did you do that?

Answer:- While answering this question you briefly talk about a real-life situation where you resolved an issue with your co-worker and how efficiently you both worked after the issue. This would portray your issue solving skills and your team bonding skills which would get you some extra marks in the eyes of the HR of the company.

Points the HR would notice:-

(A): Team Bonding Skills

(B): Issue Solving Skills

(C): Willingness to compromise while representing the company


6 What measures do you take on a personal level to gel up in new environments and with new people?


Answer:- A new company comes with a lot of new experiences which includes meeting new people, doing new things, and working with a new and better style. I love to land in unexpected places and bond with new people. In my opinion, every new environment has something to teach or take the experience of, the same situation goes for the people, every new person you meet has a new experience to share which might help you in your life as well.  

Points the HR would notice:-

(A): Adaptability towards people and cultures

(B): Understanding of different cultures and mentalities

(C): Flexibility in handling variable flight schedules


7 If two passengers were having a dispute over one seat, what would be your method for resolving the issue?


Answer:- If two passengers were having a dispute over the same seat, I would start by politely asking both passengers to lower their voices out of respect for other travellers onboard. I would then ask them to calmly explain each of their situations and for a better view of the situation, I would look at both of their tickets to learn where each of their seats originally were to rid anyone of confusion.

If a passenger is still unhappy about their seating arrangements, I would try to find an open seat that meets their preference.

Points the HR would notice:-

(A): Situation Handling Technique

(B): Conflict Resolution Abilities

(C): Handling High-Pressure Situations


These were some of the important questions which an HR might target while taking an interview. As mentioned earlier, apart from these questions one might also prepare various real-life situational questions that would show various positive aspects of them ensuring their dream job in the aviation industry.








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