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Who Provides the Best Website Development Course in Kolkata | Aptech Gariahat Best Website Development Courses Provider in Kolkata

There are many web development institute in Kolkata that provides website development course in kolkata. there are many institutes available that offer this programme. Web development is all about creating a user-friendly website, building the structure of a website, and font aspects of the website. In Web development, the website is created upon two main bases- CSS and HTML languages. This sector is growing prominently in India, stepping up and widening its digital penetration. By Doing a web development course from the best institute will help the learner to incorporate various aspects of web designing in the multi-industry platform. 

There are web development training institutes almost everywhere in India, making it difficult to choose the finest one. While selecting the right institute, you should be careful. A top web development training academy will place a strong emphasis on training that is current, creative, and industry-oriented. You must first research the institute’s history in order to select the finest one. You should also confirm that the instructors are qualified to lead the web design training sessions. Check to discover if the web development training includes real-world examples and exercises. Aptech provides a professional career programme created especially to give students the professional necessary competencies in the web development industry. 

ACWD Programme by Aptech

The ACWD programme, or Aptech Certified Web Developer course, is provided by Aptech. It is a professional and provide one of the best website development course in Kolkata, created especially to give students the professional necessary competencies in the web development industry. You will receive training in the best industry-level techniques from ACWD, which further assists in the creation of visually appealing and user-friendly websites, databases, and applications. ACWD offers up-to-date study materials, organised learning, and experienced teachers.

Course details


The whole course is divided into 2 terms. 

The 1st term covers- skills required to

  • develop a user-friendly website.
  • Building next-generation websites
  • Bootstrap and jQuery
  • UI/UX for responsive design
  • Querying with MySQL
  • Optimizing the websites and making them user-friendly for search engine
  • Project PHP web application development

In the 2nd term, it covers – you will be trained to develop android apps and

  • project-oriented programming in java.
  • Fundamentals of java
  • Soft skills
  • Project-oriented apps development
  • Object-oriented programming in java
  • Making android apps

Job Possibilities

By enrolling in this course, you can apply for a variety of positions. Aptech provides a professional career programme created to give students the necessary competencies in the web development industry.  You may obtain employment in both domestic and foreign industries by successfully finishing the ACWD pro course offered by Aptech, which offers the finest web development training in Kolkata.

 The following employment roles will be filled:

  • Web developer,
  • web application developer,
  • HTML5 programmer, and
  • creator of Android apps.

Apart from the long-term course, Aptech provide short-term courses-

With the generation going more digital, Aptech provides web app development courses. All of Aptech’s students have access to a modern educational environment! The learning software from Aptech, called Onlinevarsity, gives users free access to all course-related readings. Also, students get access to a 24/7 online community and may connect with experts in the field. You can learn from the basics of web development to build a career In the IT industry.

Windows azure and web service


The duration of this course is 2 months. In this course, you will learn

Configure storage access rights

Store and access data in windows azure storage

Monitoring and log service

Admission fees – Rs. 9000 – 15,000/-

App development with EJB course


You will get familiar with implementing security integration with legacy system Enterprise application development by using EJB

Configure and use UI objects to construct UI for server- based apps.

Navigation, object, session and technique for web apps design and development The duration of this course is 2 months.

Admission fees – Rs. 5000-8000/-

Asp.net. MVC


The duration of this course is 3 months. In this blog, you will learn –

Create views in MVC Apps that display and edit data and interact with models and controls

Design the architecture and implantation of web application

Code writing

Using appropriate technology to develop apps

Describe Microsoft web technologies stack

Add controllers to MVC apps to manage user interaction, update models and select Return views.

Fees- admission fees for this course are Rs. 10,000- 16,000/-.

Scopes of studying website development course in Kolkata

  • Having open-source contributions on your resume is impressive since they have a significant impact on technical careers on their own. Contributing to open-source projects and having the opportunity to take part in open-source initiatives like outreach and gsoc are also opportunities that come with learning in this field.
  • Develop your problem-solving abilities by developing an understanding of how to resolve actual issues. If you have created a project as a computer web developer that has a positive impact on the actual world, it will benefit you in your future profession.
  • After 2020, many people started earning by doing WFH jobs. You have the option of working as a web developer for an organization or as a freelancer. You may even use it to start your own business. You may work as an intern in start-ups while still a student. You may start your website, blog, or online store. The greatest part is that you can carry out all of these tasks at home.
  • You can get a full-time job. Career opportunity in web development is in more demand as technology develops. A website is crucial in the online realm that more and more businesses are moving to. More web developers are thus needed to match the demand in this industry. Websites are made for a variety of purposes, including businesses, portfolios, blogs, fundraising, charities, events, and more. A career in web development is without a doubt a great choice, especially in today’s technologically evolved society. Even in the near future, a career in web development will be in great demand. Consider enrolling in a web development school if you’re thinking about starting a great career in the technology industry.
  • After studying a website development course in Kolkata, you can get a job as a java enterprise application developer, amazon web service developer and many IT industries.

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