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A career in travel & tourism industry in INDIA-why it is the right choice for you?

Travel & tourism is a highly anticipated sector in India. The travel & tourism sector is a huge sector in India that is growing day by day. From students to people, they visit from one country to another for either business, study, medical purpose, or entertainment purposes. the main key focus of this industry is to promote tourism, make the country a great tourist destination and earn foreign money. as a travel & tourism agent, you have to assist people related to the travel, such as transportation, and the cost of traveling. whenever a person thinks about traveling, they contact a travel agent to get all the information. building a career in Travel & Tourism industry can be very opportunistic and adventurous. a wide range of job opportunities is available if a student studies properly. due to a huge diversity, which is one of the reasons so many aspirants are choosing a career in Travel & Tourism industry.

a degree in the travel & tourism industry is a perfect getaway to a world of limitless opportunities.


How to Build a Career-


In India there are different ways you can pursue a career in travel & tourism industry. Students can do this course after the 12th examination with any stream. Then you have to complete BBA or BA in tourism administration. further, you can proceed with MBA-in travel & tourism. Another way you can do, this is after completing the 12th grade, you can study diploma in travel & tourism.


Eligibility criteria & process of selection – 


candidate must have passed class 12th or equivalent from a recognized board. apart from that, the candidate must secure at least 60 percent marks in the class 12th examination, it can be any stream.

The eligible candidate can select their career in travel & tourism industry. The selection procedure goes on by merit basis. there are some gov – based colleges where the students can get a chance and attend the counseling session that is arranged in  colleges. Some colleges directly select students based on their performance in their 12th examination.

for example-Some diploma courses in travel & tourism are-

Diploma in travel & tourism management, diploma in a tourist guide, diploma in hospitality management, diploma in tourism, etc.

 there are some top travel and tourism colleges available in India where you can do your bachelor’s degree, are- Indian institute in tourism and travel-goa, christ university-Bangalore, IMS-Kolkata, ISHM-salt lake, garden city college, amity university of travel and tourism, etc. where you can pursue your career.

Apart from that, you can get your diploma in travel & tourism through various online courses like-UDEMY, IE business school, relationship management- rice university, etc.



Skills and requirements-


After pursuing your career in travel & tourism industry, you have to take on some decent responsibilities, like-

  • You have to specialize in different types of tours such as tours to museums, corporate housing complexes, famous historical places, theme parks, etc.
  • Need basic knowledge in computers.


  • You have to have a piece of great knowledge in attractive places with the right information and specialties of different areas.



  • you Need practical communication skills for a productive and relevant conversation with tourists.



  • You have to provide help and guidance regarding transportation, restaurants, food, groceries, and shopping areas.



  • Create attractive travel packages for outstation(international) tours.



  • You have to know the necessary health measures to deal with emergent situations. (like recent covid 19 precautions)
  • As a tourist guide, you have to arrange travel tickets depending on your customer’s budget, food planning, sightseeing, and various other activities.


Candidates who are pursuing a career in travel & tourism must have a passion, a desire to learn new things, ability to keep up with new socioeconomic trends. you have to confident, present, have leadership and a well-groomed personality, full commitment to your career, and good administration and problem-solving skills.


Is a career in travel & tourism is a good career option in India?


In India, this sector is growing day by day. India is a geographical anomaly, from sea to mountains, having almost every geographical feature available. according to WTTC India could add another Rs. 850,000 crores by the year 2021 just through tourism. apart from that, the salary is pretty good in this travel and tourism industry. You can get perks such as free travel and a low rates journey for your family. salary packages start from 2lacks to up to 30 lacks.



Job opportunities outside India-


You can easily take this career outside the country. countries like Australia, New Zealand, united states of America-are among the best in recent times.






Covid -19 impacts on travel & tourism industry-


After hiting covid-19 in 2020, this industry faced a huge loss all across the globe. Still continues to significantly impact on this industry. such situations result in mounting international revenue losses that have been enhanced by the burden of an ongoing operational process. travel & tourism is like a major source of income for the Indian government. according to WTO (world trade organization), nearly 120 million tourism jobs have been lost during the pandemic.it was the first time in history.

on average, the travel & tourism industry contributes almost 4.4% of GDP in developed countries and it generates almost 7% direct jobs. The travel & tourism industry in India have generated around 275.5

billion in revenue in the year 2018. The annual growth rate at 9.4%. India has faced a huge amount of revenue loss of 1.25 trillion due to the close of the hotels, airlines, and railways. The travel &tourism companies in India dealt with a miserable journey due to cancelled bookings from travellers. Leading to a complete cessation in the market.

to cover these losses, the Indian government has planned to achieve a target 2 percent share in the world’s international tourist arrivals by the year 2025. after the covid 19 outbreak, almost every hotel and tourist spot took measures such as vaccination, sanitization, and promote to use of personal protective equipment by the staff in both food and beverages and the housekeeping departments.


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