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Why are more & more young sters joining the AVIATION and HOSPITALITY Management courses?- career as an AVIATION & HOSPITALITY manager

AVIATION and HOSPITALITY Management courses is a growing sector in India. These lines are applied lines that are becoming famous day by day because of career opportunities. educational background does not matter. you can pursue these courses after the 12th. the role of AVIATION and HOSPITALITY manager is almost similar. working in these sectors is a matter of pride and gives global recognition, that’s why youngsters are joining these courses.

we are going to deep dive into this topic, why students are choosing this sector as a career-

working in this aviation and hospitality management can be excessively competitive. this sector is majorly based on the largest technologies and the international system. it also brings the excitement and facilities constant interest towards your work. by pursuing these courses, you will get a world-class career opportunity. you can get various jobs like airport customer care, cabin crew, front office assistant, airport manager, airline customer service agent, etc.

salary depends upon the experience and designation.



aviation courses are available at a diploma level, which is an undergraduate diploma course. duration is 6months-1 year. Students must secure at least 50% marks in 10+2. students must have studied English as their main subject. The duration of hospitality management is from 2 years to – 4years. The admission process will go on by merit basis and an interview round. after selection, students are called for a final interview round the course fees are available between 60,000 to 1lakh. the course fees for hospitality management is from 50,000-6lakhs. the salary packages start for both aviation/hospitality positions from  2.5 lakhs.

top recruiting companies are- indigo, British airways, GMR, Qatar airways, Hyatt corporation, etc.


Some of the best aviation & hospital management training institutes in Kolkata, are- Frankfinn institute of air hostess, Aptech learning, NSHM knowledge campus,  J.T. aviation academy, etc.


Top reasons, why students pursuing a job as an Aviation & hospitality manager-


  • There are different kinds of short-term and long-term courses available. The duration of Diploma courses is from 6 months to 1 year. You can also do your bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute. Having short time courses are convenient for so many people that’s why they are going for this sector.


  • The salary scale is pretty good in this sector. the average salary package starts from 3lacks to 8 lacks, with professional job profiles like cabin crew, front office, product manager, executive assistant, etc. as an aviation & hospitality manager, you will get chance both aviation and hospital, hotel sector.


  • Becoming a part of one of the richest and top notch industries can prove to be quite rewarding for the students . There are several paths in which a Professional Diploma in Aviation & Hospitality management can help you in getting into the industry. The scope of the industry is suitable for almost everyone from various fields. good communication is the main skill which can do almost everyone. This is what gives aviation and hospitality fields the credibility and quality of life that it offers.


  • you will learn to work in a multicultural environment. As an AVIATION & HOSPITALITY manager, students will find themselves being offered into some world-class companies and airlines. while language and customers may differ from place to place, the need to deliver international services will be accepted all around the globe. there are also interesting job roles available in this sector which is foreign exchange. the role of a foreign exchange executive is to make currency exchange accurately. you have to be updated with the latest value of rupees and other currencies.


  • Another perk of becoming an AVIATION & HOSPITALITY manager is that you will get a stable income. we should remember that people will always have a fundamental right to food and shelter. that’s why people will always need hospitality workers. pursuing a career in this field is a great way to ensure you can find it no matter what circumstances come to play. for the international journey, people will always need airport workers. if you are confident enough and have some good communication skills, go for it.


  • Innovation is another skill that helps a student to grow their passion. working as an AVIATION & HOSPITALITY manager is about coming up with solutions for problems that are new and changing the way things are done for better results. There are exciting world environments, especially outside of India. you can interact with various kinds of people; by that, you can grow your personality.


  • you can get guaranteed placement. after completing these courses, they will provide some internships where students can easily understand their work rules and ethics. they can gather practical experiences from some professional leaders and mentors. that’s why more and more youngsters are joining the aviation & hospitality management courses. after having 5-10 years’ experience, students can also get a chance to work in foreign companies. With a Professional Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality Management courses, pursuers have a chance in various places around India and plenty of options are available for their career.


Career as an AVIATION & HOSPITALITY manager in Kolkata-

  • The hospitality management and aviation, both is a part of tours and travel. there are some top-notch companies where you can work and upscale your knowledge in these sectors easily. Both sector is interconnected. in an aviation job, you have to provide excellent customer service to your clients. also, you have to ensure their comfort and safety during the airport location. as a hospitality manager, you have to maintain a good relationship and open communication with both internal and external departments.
  • As an AVIATION & HOSPITALITY manager, you have to provide coaching and leadership to operation teams, have to check their performance through a spot review system and help them to improve their performance.
  • by studying hospitality management, students can be front office managers in some of the biggest hotels and resorts, in Kolkata. they will be the first one to interact with the potential clients and turn them into the right person responsible for their desired requirements.


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