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Air Hostess Career for Men- How to Become a Steward

Air Hostess Career for Men: How to Become a Steward

Introduction– An airline steward, often known as a flight attendant, is in charge of not only looking after the passengers on board, but also making sure that all security and emergency procedures are followed. The major purpose of an airline steward is to ensure that the flight is safe and that proper emergency protocols are followed if something goes wrong. If passengers require first assistance during the trip, the airline steward assists them.

And if you believe that being a flight attendant is a simple job, you are mistaken. Being a flight attendant is one of the most difficult and stressful jobs available. We should not forget that while women dominate the career of the air hostess, men also began to join the industry — since 1980.

A high school diploma is required to work as an aircraft steward. Candidates having a two-year degree or some college experience, as well as previous work experience dealing with people, are preferred by most airlines. The airline steward must always be courteous while maintaining control of the situation and enforcing airline standards.

Qualifications and Eligibilities required to build an Air Hostess Career for Men:

Age – For domestic airlines, the minimum age requirement is 18; for international airlines, the minimum age requirement is 21.

Height- The steward must be at least 5.7” (173 cm) tall to be considered.

Weight – A candidate should have an optimal BMI, which means that his or her weight should be proportionate to his or her height.

Educational Requirements – A 10+2 diploma is required to apply for the position of steward.

Physical requirements – Because being an Air Hostess is such a glamorous position, stewards are seen as the airline’s unofficial marketing representatives. Stewards should have a clear complexion and no obvious tattoos or piercings as a result.

Medical Requirements – Stewards should not have a history of mental illness because they are accountable for a significant number of passengers on a plane. The minimum vision required is 6/9. A steward should also be free of any major medical issues that would impair their capacity to conduct their daily duties.

Language – The candidates should be fluent in all aspects of the English language. And the more languages a person knows, the more preferential treatment he receives from an airline.

Competence Aspect – What could be mistaken, a metal box going 20,000 feet into the sky? Everything, in fact! When everything else is falling apart, the steward and Air Hostesses are intended to keep the peace. (It’s called Word Play for a reason!)

Marital status – The administrator may be married or unmarried. This setting depends entirely on the sort of airline you are requesting.

Passport- Stewards should be able to obtain an Indian passport.

Some of the conduct skills you need for a job in the aircraft industry are as follows:

Personality – This job option gives candidates with a relaxing personality greater favour. You need to ensure that your internal rule breaker is monitored.

Attitude – The flight stewards must always have a pleasant attitude to ensure there is order. They have to be reasonable and nice.

Presence of mind- Stewards should be sharp thinkers to manage challenging situations easily. The big airlines always prefer a candidate with a strong presence of mind.

Work Ethics – stewards can work hard and long hours in back-to-back flights, so a good work ethic is essential for the applicants. Stewards should be ready to work hard and be positive.

Steward Compensation

Aviation is one of the top paid businesses and stewards’ salary is sufficient to support you in increasing the bank balance. Air Hostess’ wage for males depends on many factors:

You are employed for a certain type of airline (foreign, domestic, full-service and cheap carriers) for years.

Title of Job

Personal brand – depending on the training academy profile from which they have passed.

You can earn up to Rs. 25000 – Rs. 40000 for a work at home airlines and you can obtain up to Rs. 50000 to Rs. 75000 for a senior position. A diagram shows the average income range of 0 to 2 years of work in the aviation industry:

Job Type

Annual Pay-out

Senior Air Hostess Men

Rs. 550,000 to 825,000 (Approx.)

Flight Attendant

Rs. 480,000 to 675,000 (Approx.)

Cabin Crew

Rs. 504,000 to 702,000 (Approx.)

Ground Attendant

Rs. 504,000 to 735,000 (Approx.)

Customer Service Agent

Rs. 360,000 to 432,000 (Approx.)

Air Hostess (Men) Training Fees: One major step forward to become an air hostess for the man is entering a correct training academy, the training fees of various institutes depend on a certain number of things.

  • Institute Type (Government, Private, Aided)
  • Institute’s location (Mostly as Institutes in big cities charge more fee, as they can provide better opportunities for placement to the students)
  • Institute’s status and rank
  • Scholarship Status of the candidates
  • Course length inscribed
  • Kind of the course that is selected

Steward Course: If you wish to build an air hostess career for male, you can take one of three courses:

Diploma courses – If you have a 10+2 degree, you can also apply to the diploma course. The course takes 1 year and is a better choice than the course for certification.

Certification Course – If the applicants pass their 12th class satisfactorily, they can apply for the certification course The course takes 6 to 12 months and you can apply for the quick-track certification course, if time is a problem.

Companies that recruit Stewards (Male Air Hostess)

Companies that give candidates opportunities to build their Air Hostess career for male once they are done with their training like- IndiGo, SpiceJet, Air India, Jet Airways. Virgin Atlantic, Vistara, Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, British Airways etc.

Go through process to build air hostess career for men

  • Written examination will the very first step
  • Group discussion will be held after written examination
  • And last but not the least is personal interviews

Here are the three basic steps that a candidate have to go through to get selected.

If you’ve ever wanted to build airhostess career for men, becoming a steward is the way to go. Follow your dreams.

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