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What is the scope of an Air hostess in India_

What is the scope of an Air hostess in India?

Becoming an Air Hostess is a potential career path for young, intelligent, and outgoing women. It offers an amazing opportunity to travel to new areas and engage with people while flying high in the sky. Many young females choose this occupation instead, losing scope of Air Hostess in India because of the thrilling experience of flying, travelling to new areas, interacting with a variety of individuals on board, and the very appealing salary package.

The air hostess is noted for being the first person to receive a passenger, and her friendly grin and greeting acknowledge each customer. The liberalisation of air policies has increased the private operation of air services, resulting in a large number of job opportunities in this industry. Even though this is an interesting career, it is not as simple as it appears.

There are a number of training colleges around India that offer various air hostess training programmes. The most important condition for any candidate would be to be attractive and in good health. This is a physically difficult work that necessitates a great deal of patience and demands odd shifts.

Scope of Air Hostess in India After 12th Grade

The flight crew is the most important component of any airline. If they give good services, there will be a rise in the number of individuals who wish to utilise the specific flight, which will be profitable for the airlines.

Air hostesses are supposed to have a nice demeanour at all times. Even in past years, the aviation industry has seen a significant increase in the demand for flight crew. As a result, several institutions are focusing on human resource development in the aviation sector.

The steps to becoming an air hostess in India are as follows-

Step 1: Applying for the Job

Many airlines offer the scope of Air hostess in India in the newspaper, and anyone who sees the article can apply for the position. If a graduate is studying any of the diploma courses or other degree courses connected to the job, there is a significant probability that they will be able to apply with the assistance of the college officials.

Screening and interviewing are the next steps

The authorities at the airlines will review the candidate’s application form, and if you appear to be qualified for the position, you will be invited for an interview. To pass through the screening process, one must have a résumé that is supported by numerous certification courses and languages mastered, as this will offer them an advantage over the many others who have applied. Technical knowledge as well as personal qualities will be tested during the interview stage.

Training and orientation are the third and final steps

Candidates who successfully complete the interview will be sent for 2 to 3 months of training. During this time, you will learn first aid, grooming, aeroplane safety, and other technical and non-technical parts of the profession.

After completing the course, the candidate will be briefed on the department in which they will be working as well as the duties and obligations they must fulfil.

Job Requirements for an Air Hostess

An air hostess must have finished class 12 with a cumulative grade point average of 50 percent from any stream. Furthermore, the individual should have a fair to clear complexion.

Here are the additional qualifications for becoming an air hostess in India

  • The requirements for becoming an air hostess are rather strict, and if a person meets all of the qualifications, they can apply for the position of air hostess.
  • After applying for the position, the applicant’s age should not be less than 18 years old or more than 26 years old. However, it depends on the airline, and some may only hire if the applicant is over the age of 21.
  • English is an internationally known language, and being competent in it is required if one wishes to become an Air Hostess. Knowledge of another language will be regarded as advantageous.
  • An air hostess’ vision should be acute and precise. During the eyesight test, a score of at least 20/30 is required, and lenses are permitted.
  • To become an air hostess, you must be at least 157.5 cm tall and weigh proportionate to your height.
  • The job also necessitates a high level of physical strength thus the individual must be physically fit.

Job Profile of a Flight Attendant

A successful career as an air hostess is always associated with the profession of an air hostess. In the long run, an air hostess or flight steward has the opportunity to advance to the position of Senior Flight Attendant and, eventually, Head Attendant. The promotion is based on the number of years of experience and the quality of service delivered.

The following is a job description for an Air Hostess

  • Welcomes passengers aboard and leads them to their assigned seats.
  • Informing passengers about potential hazards on the plane and their safety precautions.
  • Responding to questions from aircraft passengers
  • Serving the food and refreshments to the passengers.
  • The flight report should be prepared by an Air Hostess.
  • The air hostess is expected to provide medical help in the event of a medical emergency on the plane.

Air Hostess’s salary in India

The job of an air hostess is tough and exhausting, hence they are well compensated. An air hostess’ beginning wage is INR 35,000 per month and can go up to INR 2 Lakh per month. The position also offers a number of supplementary perks, such as health and life insurance for the employee and their family. They are also given lodging and out-of-station allowances.

The salary also depends on the experience and differs from one airline to another. The air hostess also receives free tickets, hotel discounts, etc. in addition to the attractive packages.


The job of an air hostess, like any other position in the hospitality industry, is tough and crucial since the flight crew is required to appear impeccable and immaculate.

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