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air hostess course in Kolkata: benefits of air hostess course with Aptech aviation gariahat

An aviation career is a very prestigious career. Many students dream to become a part of the aviation industry. there are many aviation training institutes are available, on which Aptech aviation- gariahat is one of them. This is one of the best institutes you can pursue your aviation career. They offer various courses in hotel and hospital management, aviation, cabin crew, travel and tourism, event management, etc. Aptech, their professional course prepares you for the most glamorous profession in the aviation industry. You can choose from the various aviation management courses available. For example- ground staff, cabin crew, airport customer service, and similar. By checking and exploring the aviation management course you will get an in-depth understanding of the different aviation careers and you can understand whether it’s the right job for you. you can do your air hostess course with Aptech aviation gariahat – we will tell you why.

You can Become a trained cabin crew professional with domestic & international airlines. Aptech gives certified cabin crew courses for all students. Pursuing a career in the aviation sector (cabin crew) is a great achievement.

 Aptech gives 100% placement assistance who will complete the course. You can gain professional job skills for a career in India and international airlines too.



Eligibility –


 After the 12th examination, the student can pursue air hostess training in any field( arts, science, commerce). Candidates can directly apply from aviation colleges. Candidate must secure at least 50 % in the higher secondary examination. The age of the student should be between 18-26. Most airline companies look for a height of a minimum of 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 5 inches. The body weight should be proportionate to height. The candidate should have a good eyesight test. During the recruiting period, trainers check the candidate’s eyesight. communication skills(English -written and verbal) should be a must for candidates. this is how you can pursue becoming an air hostess after 12th.

Apart from that, during the selection process and admission time, The student must attach the requested documents, including the mark sheet of class 12, adhaar, and voter card as necessary. The duration of aviation management is from 2 years to – 4years. The admission process will go on by entrance examination or merit basis and the interview round. After selection, students are called for a final interview round. After that, they can pursue their career in the aviation industry.



Why choose the air hostess course with Aptech aviation gariahat-  ?


With 32 years of experience, Aptech aviation follows 3 steps method of theory. Their teaching method takes away the pressure to learn. The students can automatically develop their knowledge through a fun learning experience in the classroom and outside as well. They conduct up-to-date classroom and practical sessions to make sure that every part of the lesson remains in the student’s memory. 

Aptech aviation maintains a high standard of education at every institutional branch. Each and every lesson is taught in the same method irrespective of your location. The faculties are also trained and experienced in this related field. That’s why Aptech is one of the best aviation training institutes in Kolkata. you can do your air hostess course with Aptech aviation gariahat. They provide bits of advice and training which Is tremendously helpful and give real-life practical knowledge.



Aptech aviation – course highlight –

  • The introduction and principle of aviation, passenger handling, and airport management
  • You can be job ready with a mock interview session.
  • Get 100% job assistance from the institute
  • Gain job skills for a career in Indian and international airlines through their practical classes.
  • Improve your presentation and communication skills and learn various makeup techniques and hairstyles (for female candidates).






some of the popular course subjects are- management and leadership, business maths, business computing, accounting, organizational behavior, communication English, personality development, handling on board, management in aviation and their principles, etc. You can do undergraduate courses or diploma courses. The undergraduate courses usually have a semester system. In aviation, there has a comprehensive syllabus structure that covers all aspects of aviation management including accounting, hospitality, front office, organization, etc. 



benefits of studying air hostess course from best Aptech aviation –


  • As a cabin crew, the first thing for you will be to get understand what the cabin crew profession is. Understand in-depth, the roots and current practices.
  • As a cabin crew, you need to determine aircraft types and appropriate cabin crew functions. When an emergency comes, how you will cope with the situation- you need to learn that.
  • Control the passenger’s relations in every circumstance. 
  • Recall emergency and security procedures.
  • With the updated study material you will learn the fundamental job of cabin crew, The general philosophy for the carriage of hazardous and illegal goods, and their dangers.
  • As a cabin crew, you need to Understand security-related issues and safety. Aptech aviation gives real-life experience training to each student.
  • After completing the course from Aptech you will get placement in indigo, Spicejet, Vistara, and many more airline companies as a cabin crew.


Roles and responsibilities of a cabin crew/ air hostess –


  • Airhostess or cabin crew are assigned with opening the emergency exit door in case of an accidental situation. Passengers sitting right next to the emergency exit doors are also responsible.
  • When the required materials are to be packed into the airplane before take-off, the cabin crew must differ from company to company.
  • The important task of the cabin crew is to present to all the passengers what to do and what, not in case of emergency. They need to instruct them in both auditory and visual.
  • Air hostesses are bound to provide passengers with the required information about the journey.
  • They have to take responsibility for the cockpit door to the back kitchen area. The cabin crew is not liable outside the aircraft or inside the cockpit.
  • Announce on behalf of the pilot and answer all the queries of every passenger.
  • Serve meals and drinks to every passenger.
  • As a cabin crew, you have to make sure that the passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and scan that there are no luggage left in the overhead vaults and no suspected or stories items on board.

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