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Elevate Your Career with Aptech Aviation Gariahat: A Review of the best Computer Training Institute in Kolkata

Irrespective matter whether you decide to become a member of the cabin crew, airhostess, ground personnel, or seek Commercial Pilot training, a career in aviation is both financially rewarding as well as personally rewarding. Every part of this industry is gratifying. If you decide to pursue a profession in aviation, you should enrol in one of the Best Computer Training Institute in Kolkata, Aptech aviation training programs. The top aviation courses are offered by them. One of the greatest places for expanding your aviation profession is here.

Aptech’s professional course provides your preparation for the most attractive job in the aviation business. Train as a professional cabin crew member for domestic and foreign airlines.

List of aviation courses Aptech Gariahat provide

  • Aviation – Your preparation for the biggest and best job in the aviation business is provided by Aptech’s professional course. They are currently one of the best Computer Training Institute in Kolkata. There are several different aviation management courses to select from. For instance, ground employees, cabin crew, customer service at airports, and similar. You may have a thorough grasp of the many aviation occupations and determine whether it’s the correct vocation for you by checking out and researching the aviation management course.

Course duration –

8 months

Admission fees –

69,000/- onwards.

  • Hospitality management – after pursuing this hospitality course, you can get jobs in airports, airlines, and hotels after completing this course. You can become job-ready for a number of in-demand jobs with the help of Aptech’s certified professional in hospitality.

Course duration-

6 months

Admission fees

53,000 onwards

  • Travel and tourism – You can work at renowned airports, airlines, hotels & resorts, or travel agencies after successfully completing this course. Career prospects in the aviation, hotel, and tourist industries are at an all-time high because to the growing demand for personalized travel packages and hospitality services. Your career in the aviation, tourism, and hospitality industries will be prepared by this course.

Course duration –

1 year

  • Event Management-  in this course, you will Learn how to design and manage the biggest events, such as fashion shows, political shows, award ceremonies, music festivals, business gatherings, trade exhibits, and charitable events.

To plan thrilling events, a rapidly expanding sector requires hundreds of qualified specialists, Aptech gives you comprehensive, in-depth training in all aspects of your duties as an event manager in consideration of this requirement.

Course duration –

3 months

Admission fees –

51,000/- onwards

  • Retail management – with Aptech’s retail management course, You cancan get hired for a retail job. After finishing the course, you can work for a major fashion or retail brand. Get the skills you need for high-paying positions in the retail sector as Aptech gariahat is considered the best Computer Training Institute in Kolkata.

Course duration –

6 months

Admission fees –


Eligibility –

You must have completed class 12 in any subject to enrol in this career-building programme.  Apart from that, you should also fit the following requirements:

  • Age- 18 to 24 years old
  • Height: 5 feet and above for women and 5.5 feet and up for men
  • BMI- proportion of weight to height
  • Medical fitness – good vision
  • knowledge of English

Given that most of the population of the nation, of which almost 40% is the upwardly mobile middle class, still finds air travel to be expensive, India’s aviation business is mostly unexplored and offers tremendous development potential. The creation of policies to support the aviation industry has been greatly assisted by the government. The aviation sector is rapidly growing allover india. You can work in a number of roles by studying aviation from Aptech – the best Computer Training Institute in Kolkata. For Example –

Cabin crew –

Managing the performance of the cabin crew and ensuring compliance to the airline’s operating manuals, policies, and regulations are your responsibilities as a cabin crew manager. Together with the network planning department, you would decide on performance measures, assign resources for flights, and receive comments on your crew and their performance assessment reports. Apart from that, The important task of the cabin crew is to present to all the passengers what to do and what, not in case of emergency. They need to instruct them in both auditory and visual.

Additionally, you would interview potential employees, analyze client demands to identify new services for the airline, and develop business connections with airport authorities, organizations, and customers.

Customer service representative(airline) – 

These individuals provide information and assistance to customers. When working at airports and in customer service, they assist consumers with questions regarding airline tickets, schedule updates, luggage problems, and customer loyalty programs. In addition, they assist travelers with check-in, ticket issuance, flight information, luggage handling, and ticket-related difficulties that come up while traveling.

Flight attendant –

To maintain a safe and pleasurable flight, flight attendants make sure that passengers follow all laws and regulations. You must pass a test to obtain a license in order to become a flight attendant if you want to begin a career in this profession. Also, you must excel in multitasking, communication, attractiveness, and emotional support.

Air cargo agent –

By easing every step of the cargo transportation process, a cargo agent is accountable for guaranteeing that cargo shipment are delivered precisely and on schedule. This includes collecting and processing the required paperwork and payments, planning shipments’ destinations and choosing the best shipping options, weighing packages, and organizing the logistics and transportation specifics.

Quality control manager –

The main duty of a quality control officer is to determine if the tools and materials needed to manufacture an aircraft comply with standards or not. As a quality control specialist, you may have a successful career in aviation if you have an eye for detail and know how to use advanced instruments to assess quality.

Aviation Agent-

In this industry, you can take on a variety of positions and responsibilities, including things like airport operations, hiring, account management, public relations, economics, etc. In addition, you will be responsible for seeing that the industry’s different laws, rules, and regulations are followed. A bachelor’s degree is required at a minimum to start a career in aviation in this field. By getting an MBA in Aviation Management, you may expand your prospects.

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