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Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat

Explore a career in Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat

While exploring your career in the aviation industry, you must train yourself at a reputed institution. Many people have the desire of working as flight attendants or air hostesses. Despite the elegance and the fact that it is a fantastic way to travel, it necessitates a lot of standing and hard work. One of the female employees that an airline company hires to be a part of the aircrew is an air hostess, also known as a stewardess, cabin crew, or flight attendant. The comfort and safety of passengers on all kinds of airplanes is one of their key responsibilities. Additionally, such flight attendants are charged with providing other kinds of passenger amenities including distributing meals and drinks. Even demonstrating the various emergency supplies is a part of an air hostess’s job duties, which also include greeting passengers. While talking about institutes, explore the institute of Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat.

Aptech is regarded as one of the top aviation training facilities in Kolkata since its programs assist students in landing jobs at prestigious hotels, airlines, and other organizations in the tourism, hospitality, and public service sectors. To work in the aviation industry is the primary factor for getting the top aviation training facility in Kolkata. If you have the right training, you can land a job with a reputable company. Aptech aviation certainly helps you get the right training.


Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat 


About the Company


Aptech Aviation, which has 32 years of expertise, employs the three-step technique. The pressure to learn is lessened by their technique of instruction. Through an enjoyable learning experience in the classroom and outside as well, the students may naturally develop their knowledge. To ensure that the entire course is retained in the student’s memory, they conduct modern classroom and practical sessions. Aptech is regarded as one of Kolkata’s top aviation training facilities because of this. At each academic branch, Aptech Aviation upholds a high quality of education.

You may have a thorough grasp of the many aviation occupations and determine whether it’s the correct vocation for you by checking out and researching the aviation management course. Join the Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat.


Eligibility Criteria

After completing the 12th test, the student can pursue air hostess training in any industry ( arts, science, commerce). Aptech takes direct applications as well.

  • The candidate’s higher secondary exam scores must be at least 50%.
  • The student’s age should be between 18 and 26.
  • Body weight and height should be proportionate; most airlines want staff who are between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 5 inches tall.
  • The candidate must successfully complete the eyesight test.
  • During the recruiting process, trainers evaluate the candidate’s vision.
  • Candidates should be expected to possess outstanding English communication skills, both verbally and in writing.


Course fee and duration


Aptech institutes have a strong competitive edge. they offer multiple aviation management courses and are considered to be a pioneer in the aviation training institute. The duration of this course depends on the institute and program. The course duration is 8 months for cabin crew. The admission fee starts from rs. 69000/-. With the best placement assistance, Aptech Aviation Academy has been a partner of many aspirants who choose to build a career in this aviation industry.



If you wish to work as an air hostess after finishing high school, you must familiarise yourself with the job’s work environment and duties in flight. You must develop certain abilities to work as an air hostess –


  • Your duties as an air hostess or cabin crew need you to communicate with a wide range of people. Consequently, having strong interpersonal skills is essential. A different passenger will be waiting for you on each trip. As a result, be sure you can communicate clearly. You will work with a range of cabin staff members in addition to those already listed on each trip. You must be able to build effective functional connections.


  • As an air hostess or cabin crew staff, you have to make them feel comfortable during the flight. You are not the servant, but you indeed have to bring them their food and drink during the flight. Apart from that, you will be the one who will save their lives if something happens.


  • You must keep a good outlook when working as an air hostess. A flight hostess’ primary responsibility is to provide the highest level of service to the customers. In the aviation and cabin crew industries, you’ll discover that the majority of companies are keen to provide their staff ongoing growth opportunities.


  • The air hostesses must work as a team during a flight to guarantee that everything is going well and that the passengers feel secure. To make sure the flight goes as well as possible, you will need to collaborate with your team and assist other members as needed.



Why Aptech is considered one of the best aviation training centers in Kolkata


  • Aptech conducts practical classes. The practical classes are the place where you will gain hands-on experience. Try to sit in during one of their classes and get a feel of how the classroom session goes. As the aviation institute takes a great part of this career so you need to find the best for yourself.


  • Based on their training, one may find a job. When it comes to find the best institute, you have to make sure that they are approved and accredited by the appropriate authorities. Aptech is approved by the ministry of corporate affairs.


  • By completing the whole course, Aptech conduct placements in Indigo, SpiceJet, and many other companies. As an aviation student, you can get a job in a cabin crew, air hostess, cargo manager, front office executive, and various other roles. Apart from that, you have to be a potential candidate with good communication skills to get hired by some of the most prestigious airline companies. In Aptech, the internship period is competitive. Airline representatives scoop out good students and offer interviews on campus for internships.



If you have completed your higher secondary examination and looking for a brighter career opportunity, join Aptech and explore Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat.

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