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How to prepare to be an airhostess

How to Prepare Myself to be an Air Hostess? | How To Prepare To Be An Airhostess – Aptech Aviation Gariahat best Aviation training institute in Kolkata

How to prepare to be an airhostess? A career as an air hostess or flight steward will fit someone who is friendly and has a high tolerance for others. The number of young students who desire to work as flight attendants or air hosts is in high demand. The air hostess earns a very high wage. They thus wish to learn how to train to be a flight attendant or air hostess. In order to receive air hostess training, you can enroll in a course. This occupation enjoys considerable visibility in India nowadays. Many young girls dream of working as an air hostess. Although the job of an air hostess may appear basic, it actually involves a variety of duties and is not just a profession. The duties of the air hostess include greeting each passenger, working with security, looking after passengers, advising them on seats and safety, and performing a variety of other duties. Not every passenger is the same. The air hostess should manage any unruly passengers and visitors with patience, calmness, and courtesy.


In this blog, we are going to deep dive into How to prepare to be an airhostess.


What is an airhostess?


An air hostess is a member of the cabin crew of commercial airliners and is responsible for a variety of pre-flight, during-flight, and post-flight responsibilities to guarantee passenger safety and comfort. Air hostesses can work on domestic and international flights, and they frequently need to go through training to get ready for their position. Typically, they are employed by a single airline.


The minimum requirement to become an air hostess


  • Candidate must have passed the higher secondary examination with a minimum of 50% marks aggregate.
  • The age should be between 18 to 26 years old.
  • Must know English. Should have spoken ability in English.
  • Candidate must have a clear complexion.
  • The height should be a minimum of 157.5 cm.


Educational Qualification


Candidates who have completed the 10+2 exam may apply for positions as air hostesses. Students with any stream (arts, science, commerce) can directly take admission to this course.




The age restriction is set by the Air Hostess Academy and depends on their policies. Academies often favour candidates in the 17 to 26 age range.


Marital status-


Marriage status is subject to institutional policy. Unmarried girls are favored, however, some institutions are also considering married women as applicants.


Physical and medical fitness


  • Candidate must be physically fit. The applicant must have the strength to raise emergency window escapes, unlock emergency doors, and move beverage or food carts. Lack of a mental disease history.


  • There should not be any kind of mental illness records.


  • BMI is another crucial factor to be followed.


  • The applicant must pass a vision test and have far- and near-vision that is at least 20/40 with glasses or contact lenses.


  • A hearing test in which the average loss on audiometry at 500, 100, or 2000 Hz is not larger than 40 db in the better ear.


  • The applicant must be fingerprinted and pass a drug test at the DOT.



Skills you need to acquire


●       Problem-solving skills

If you’re committed to being an air hostess, you’ll need to be able to handle various passenger issues while in the air. Sometimes problem comes from nowhere, so you always have to be prepared for every kind of situation. She must be able to provide first aid in an emergency. They need to solve the problem with ease.


●       Communication skills

Being able to communicate well is essential for this position as an air hostess. You must be able to handle various passenger issues in your role as an air hostess. They must interact with each passenger as air hostesses, ensuring their comfort and safety, directing them, and listening to their issues in order to find solutions. They must continue to be mindful of airline policy regulations.


●       Organizing skills

An announcement is frequently made on behalf of pilots by students who choose to become professional air hostesses. As an air hostess, you need to organize every situation carefully. Consequently, they have to be capable of planning. Each passenger is given her utmost attention to ensure their safety and comfort. In addition to interacting with passengers and occasionally providing food and water, crew members also coordinate many activities simultaneously.


●       Patience

this job is not a 9 to 5 job. So you need to prepare your mind and body for an overtime workload. As a flight attendant, you need to have the patience to work long hours.



Responsibilities of an air hostess


  • An air hostess’s primary duties include welcoming passengers aboard and giving them any necessary instructions while they are in flight. Along with assisting passengers in boarding and exiting the aircraft, the air hostess is also responsible for their comfort and safety.


  • Air hostesses are required to be in charge of the cockpit door leading to the rear kitchen and to provide passengers with any information they might need. The cabin crew is not liable for anything outside of the airplane.
  • Before and after take off, the air hostess should ensure that the aircraft is clean and orderly and that all necessary safety equipment is present.


  • During the deplaning process, air hostesses are in charge of a full check-up so that passengers do not leave behind any expensive items on the flight. Sometimes they also interchange different pre-flight checks. For example, testing and ensuring that all the safety equipment is working properly or not.


  • As the air hostess representing the airline company and the nation, you should always maintain a good appearance in terms of the cloth you wear and also your overall looks. When it comes to hygiene, you should have to be tip-top. The uniform you wear should always have properly maintained, perfect fittings. So that they can showcase the exclusivity of the airline company you are working for.



  • Another major responsibility of the airline personnel is to instruct all passengers on what to do and what not to do in an emergency while in the air.


Air hostess recruitment companies


Some of the best air hostess recruitment companies in India are


  • Indigo
  • SpiceJet
  • Vistara
  • Air Asia
  • Jet Airways, and many more..


Here we have discussed briefly on How to prepare to be an airhostess. The aviation career never ends there, and there is a ton of options to work for a new company and into the training or education industry.

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