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Flight attendant salary in India

The Flight Attendant Salary in India is quite substantial, which adds to the excitement of the job. Air hostesses also benefit from a number of additional advantages. The opportunity to travel to far-flung locations and countries is one of the most appealing aspects of this work. Apart from the thrills, an air hostess’ job entails hard labour, extra effort, and, in many situations, the risk of dealing with rowdy passengers or, in the worst-case scenario, hijackers or terrorists. As a result, working as an air hostess is not a career for everyone, regardless of physical attractiveness or manners. Another factor that draws young women and men to work as the cabin crew is the pay and benefits.

The pay of an air hostess varies depending on the airline and whether you work on domestic or international flights. But first, let’s define the terms cabin crew and air hostess imply.

Describing the Role of the Air Hostess

The phrase air hostess is outdated, and in certain countries, it is considered pejorative. As a result, there was some debate among airline employees over whether or not to use this word to characterise their responsibilities and job title.

The terms flight stewardess for ladies and ‘flight steward’ for males were developed after some thinking. However, these expressions had their own flaws: they were drawn directly from cruise ship stewardesses and stewards. Cabin crew is the proper word for an air hostess or flight stewardess in today’s world. The word is universally acknowledged by all airlines throughout the world, and the IATA or International Air Transport Association and the ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization, an apex body of countries and its flag carrier airlines that works under the United Nations, utilise it as a standard.

Cabin crew is appropriate since it does not define the gender of the staff: both female and male cabin crew are prevalent.

Salary of an Air Hostess is influenced by a number of factors.

Here are some wage standards if you wish to work as an airline air hostess. In the globe, there are two types of airlines.

Passengers on LCCs or Low-Cost Carriers receive simply free drinking water. They must pay a high price for food and drinks purchased on board the plane.

  • Passengers on FSCs or Full-Service Carriers receive complimentary meals, alcoholic beverages, and other refreshments.

Your pay will be determined by the sort of carrier you work for, whether it is an FSC or an LCC. It will also depend on whether you work for an Indian or a foreign airline.

Carriers that provide full service

  • FSCs travel enormous distances across continents. This implies you will be compensated for your time spent in foreign nations.
  • They also have Business Class and First-Class seats, where guests are treated with special care by the airline because they pay significantly more than Economy Class passengers. As a result, travellers in Business Class and First Class receive tastier meals and more costly drinks than those in Economy Class.
  • Because providing beverages and meals to passengers is a part of the job, FSCs are paid more.
  • On foreign itineraries, the majority of FSCs provide duty-free shopping in-flight. This implies cabin personnel have the additional task of advertising anything sold onboard the aeroplane, as well as collecting and maintaining payment records.

Carriers at a Low Cost

LCCs have a smaller cabin crew. In reality, they merely have the minimal minimum of passenger safety equipment specified by ICAO.

Cabin crew pay on LCCs is often cheaper. This is due to the fact that there is less in-flight work.

On foreign flights, several LCCs provide in-flight duty-free shopping. However, in most situations, the choices are relatively limited, and so there are few takers.

Foreign routes are served by a small number of LCCs. As a result, the opportunity to receive an allowance for staying in a foreign nation is restricted.

Limitation on Flight Duty Time

FDTL, which stands for Flight Duty Time Limitation is a standard used by the ICAO, stands for International Civil Aviation Organization and other international organisations that regulate civil aviation.

Simply put, airline pilots, cabin staff, and air hostesses are not allowed to fly more than a certain amount of hours each week or month.

The FDTL is in place to guarantee that pilots and cabin personnel are not overworked and do not experience weariness or disorientation as a result of long flights.

The majority of airlines pay a set wage. However, allowances and other benefits are contingent on the number of flying hours you complete each month.

Choosing an Airline to Work For

The civil aviation industry in India is booming. Several major airlines traverse the country, demonstrating India’s international presence.

As a result, India has a high need for air hostesses and cabin personnel. Here are some of India’s top providers for air hostesses and cabin crew.

Carriers at a Low Cost: Air India Express is Air India’s low-cost carrier that travels mostly between India and nations in the Arabian Gulf.

IndiGo is a big Indian LCC that also serves a few countries in the Far East and the Middle East.

SpiceJet is one of India’s largest low-cost carriers, flying to most Indian cities as well as a few international destinations.


GoAir is an up-and-coming Indian low-cost carrier with limited operations in India and a few international destinations.

AirAsia India is a joint venture between Tata Sons and Air Asia Sendirian Berhad, the world’s largest low-cost carrier.

Carriers that provide full service: Air India is the Indian government’s oldest and only airline.

Vistara is a partnership between India’s Tata Group and Singapore’s Singapore Airlines. The airline is officially known as Tata-SIA aviation. However, it is marketed as Vistara.

Jet Airways is India’s most successful and longest-running private airline.

Foreign airlines usually pay more.

The higher salary is due to the airline’s requirement for your specialised cultural and language abilities in order to communicate with Indian passengers on flights to India.


These facts should assist you in determining the pay of an air hostess or the earning of a cabin crew member in India. Choosing the right airline can allow you to earn more money. In fact, you may start as an air hostess on a lower income and work your way up through the ranks of this industry.

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