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How to make yourself eligible for the cabin crew interview

Are you looking to opt for a job in the Aviation Service? A position in the cabin crew for an airline company is quite a difficult job to achieve and sustain. The job looks very attractive and filled with adventures and indeed, it is adventurous till a specific point but is also very challenging. Not all the aspirants who aim to become a member of the cabin crew for any airline company end up serving the passengers in the aeroplane.

Here are some of the most important any aspirant should definitely prepare before going to the interview round. Being the last round before the selection, this is the most difficult yet the most interesting round among all the selection criteria.


With the increase in competition in almost every field, even the airline companies are facing much competition these days. The customers want cheaper tickets but with full comfort. Therefore the airline companies tend to hire people who are very efficient and very true towards their work. The work of a cabin crew member is almost the same in every airline situated anywhere, but the equality of the services the members of the cabin crew provide makes the company stand out of the league.

Before jumping into the interview one might face in any airline company, let us talk about what the airline companies see in any of their aspirants.


Airline companies are very selective when it comes to their hiring process. They tend to filter out as many applications they can before the personal interview round and therefore not everyone gets even a chance to come in front of HR and pitch their ethics and values. One must be on their toes right from the start in order to ensure that they get selected till the last round.


Here are some of the methods from which one can make themselves eligible for the cabin crew interview and if you do well, the career of your dreams might be the dream you live.


  1. The main quality that any HR seeks in any of the applicants is how they aim to deal with the passengers and how good is their situation handling skills. While on a journey no one knows what can happen in the next second, therefore, HR seeks the aspirant who is good with situation handling.
  2. Being disciplined at all times is also a very important aspect of being selected in any airline company. Every airline company has its own culture and own set of SOPs to work with, any recruiter looks for people who are well disciplined so that they can follow and respect the deadlines and tasks given to them.
  3. Team working skills is very important if you are appearing for an interview in any airline company. There is no single cabin crew member who serves the passengers, you have to be with a team who comes from different backgrounds and different cultures altogether. A recruiter wants a team player in their company so that even if they have to put him/her with any team, he/she can gel up with them in the most efficient manner possible.
  4. If you are going to apply for any airline company, you should learn to respect every single person you greet. In the airline services, the cabin crew members have to be very polite so that the passengers feel at home and travel again from the same airline company. An HR looks for people who respect every passenger and not just passengers but fellow cabin crew members as well.
  5. Another main aspect for any aspirant applying for a job in airline service is that he/she should be very fluent in English. The better you meet and greet the passengers, the better impression it lays out for the company. It is very necessary for the cabin crew members to have good communication skills in order to motivate that passenger to travel again with them.


So these were some of the points all the aspirants willing to apply for a job in airline service or as a cabin crew member in an airline company should keep in mind. These points are quite general but very important when it comes to airline companies. As mentioned earlier, due to the increasing competition in every market, even the airline companies are seeking the best out of the best cabin crew members for their flights.


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