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Airhostess Courses in Kolkata in 2022

How expensive is Airhostess courses in Kolkata in 2022

One of the most important jobs in the aviation business is cabin crew. The comfort, welfare, and safety of the passengers on board are the responsibility of the cabin crew, which consists of an air hostess (female) and/or a flight steward (male). They are responsible for verifying all emergency arrangements before the flight takes off and lands, in addition to checking the comfort facilities for the passengers.  No member of the aircrew is allowed to fly more than 72 hours in a month, according to the rules. This ensures a healthy work-life balance as well as competitive pay. In India, a domestic airline air hostess might earn between INR 16,000 and INR 45,000. The number tends to be higher on overseas flights.  According to the International Air Transport Association, India’s aviation industry is the world’s third largest (IATA). With the country’s growing economic infrastructure, this industry has seen enormous expansion over the last few decades. According to Goldman Sachs’ economic estimate, the country has approximately six million planes and 400 million passenger departures. Young candidates will benefit from pursuing a career as an air hostess because of the nature of the profession, the compensation it pays, and the prospects it provides. Let’s know about other details on Airhostess Courses in Kolkata in 2022.


Obtaining Air Hostess Training necessitates a certain level of education.

An aspirant for the position of air hostess must have finished a 10+2 education in any subject or an undergraduate degree in aviation. The applicant must be between the ages of 17 and 26 when applying for the programme. The candidate should stand at least five feet and two inches tall. At the time of applying for the course, the candidate must be single. They should have normal or corrected vision in both eyes of 6/6. The individual should be in good health and have a pleasant demeanour.


After seeing a vacancy, the candidate can proceed immediately to the training schools or airlines to apply for the training. Following selection, the airlines will conduct an initial screening process to determine the candidate’s height and weight. The candidate must pass the airline’s entry exam. Following the test, the main interview will be held to assess the candidate’s voice, language fluency, communication skills, and personality. The airline will provide six months of air hostess training to the candidates who are chosen.

Salary and Career Prospects

A charming demeanour and suitable education are required to become a successful air hostess. The field has a huge potential and is projected to continue to expand year after year. Huge investments are predicted in this industry in the near future, thanks to the liberalisation of the FDI policy. With the development of new carriers and enormous investment, the airline business is flourishing.


A profession as an air hostess also pays well and provides a pleasant working environment. If they work for multinational airlines, they can earn up to Rs 2 lakh per month.

Domestic airlines pay between Rs. 30,00 and Rs. 45,000 per month. They are entitled to various advantages such as flight ticket discounts, retirement benefits, and medical insurance in addition to their normal monthly wages. Indian Airlines, Go Air, Air India, Delta Airlines, Jet Airways, Gulf Air, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines, and Lufthansa are among the leading recruiters for air hostesses.

Becoming an Air Hostess necessitates the acquisition of certain abilities.

Air Hostessing is a course that necessitates a great deal of soft skills and personality development. The air hostess must be self-assured and have a pleasant and polite demeanour. Other abilities that are required include:



  • Voice and speech clarity
  • Should be able to communicate in a foreign language as part of a team
  • Patient with a positive attitude and a strong sense of responsibility
  • Ability to Communicate
  • Ready to work with a variety of schedules
  • Teamwork abilities
  • Mindfulness is important.
  • In all instances, you should take the initiative.
  • Excellent personality and physical appearance

The cost of taking an air hostess course

There are three stages of air hostess training: certificate courses, diploma courses, and degree courses. Depending on the subject and the institute, the course fee ranges from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,50,000. However, in order to become an air hostess, one must first be selected by an airline, which provides free training and a stipend, making the course even more affordable to pursue. This was the cost of pursuing an Airhostess Course in Kolkata in 2022.


Cabin Crew/Air Hostess Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements for cabin crew/airhostess?


  1. To work as a cabin crew member or airhostess, you must be at least 17 years old. To be hired as cabin crew, hopefuls must meet the age requirements as well as be fluent in English. After completing the 10+2 level of study, candidates are engaged as cabin crew. These were some requirements for Airhostess Course in Kolkata in 2022.


  1. What is the role of an airhostess?


  1. Cabin staff, often known as air stewards or air hostesses, is in charge of assuring the safety and comfort of airline customers. Cabin crew members’ regular responsibilities include greeting passengers, directing them to their seats, reminding them of flight safety measures, assisting passengers with special requirements, and greeting passengers as they disembark.
  2. What’s the difference between a cabin crew member and a flight attendant?


A.There is no distinction between the two job descriptions. They are basically two different words for the same job description. An airhostess or cabin crew member is responsible for looking after passengers on a plane.


  1. Is a high school diploma required for cabin crew?


  1. Completing a 10+2 level education in any stream is the minimum educational requirement for cabin crew. Candidates who have received their diploma will not be given any particular consideration. To work as a cabin crew member or an airhostess, you do not need to be from a specific background or have completed a specific course. Aspirants, on the other hand, must meet additional qualifying requirements such as weight, height, and decent communication skills.


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