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How to Become an Air Hostess

Dreaming of becoming an Air Hostess? But don’t know what all is important for it. Let us take you through a complete guide on How to Become an Air Hostess? 

Who are Air Hostesses?

An Air Hostess or flight attendant is a member of the cabin crew of an aircraft employed by airlines to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. Be it commercial flights, or business jet crafts, every airline appoints air hostesses to look after the safety of their passengers. A flight attendant is not only the caretaker of passengers boarding a particular flight, but they also take care of the flight in case of any unfortunate circumstances. To understand how to become an Air Hostess, it is essential to know about all the responsibilities during a flight. If you are exploring the answer to your question of how to become an Air Hostess, you have found the right place.

Career Paths for becoming an Air Hostess.

There is no strict and coveted education pattern required for pursuing a career in the field of flight attendants, but taking air hostess training will increase your chance of being hired. Some courses will provide you with training which is similar to the air hostess training you would receive from an airline company. However, aspirants can choose between some of these career paths:-

1:- You can pursue air hostess training right after completing Intermediate level education and then, apply for a job.

2:- Or, you can complete your graduation degree, undergo training and then, apply for a job. (Make sure your graduation degree is relevant enough)

3:- Or, you can complete your graduation degree and then, directly apply for a job.

Qualifications for becoming an Air Hostess:-

 While you can follow the above pathway for fulfilling your dream of becoming an Air Hostess. Here are the major qualifications one would need to become an Air Hostess in India:

  • To become an air hostess, you must have completed your 10+2 or equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • The aspirants who haven’t completed their high school and wish to pursue a career in cabin crew are required to go for a GED Test. (General Educational Development Test)
  • The candidates who have completed their graduation with a degree in Hospitality or Travel and Tourism are given preference.
  • If you have Basic computer skills and you are good at maths, it can be highly beneficial for your selection.
  • Good command of the English language is a must, and knowledge of an international language gives you an added advantage.
  • The aspirant must be a part of a 4 to 6 weeks training program at the base location associated with a particular airline.
  • After the completion of the formal training program, you gain certification and license from an authorised body regulating all aspects of civil aviation in a particular country like the FAA (The Federal Aviation Administration) in the US.

Physical and Medical Requirements for becoming an Air Hostess

After the Educational Qualification, there are standard eligibility criteria that you need to fulfil in terms of Medical and Physical Qualifications to become an Air Hostess. Here are the major physical and medical requirements that all the known airlines require from their cabin crew member:

  • The minimum age for becoming an air hostess is generally between 18 to 21 years.
  • The minimum height of an air Hostess Aspirant should be between 5’ to 5’2”.
  • The bodyweight of the candidate should be in similar proportion to the height.
  • On the body of a candidate, there should not be any tattoos, visible marks, or body piercings.
  • The airlines want candidates who are completely fit to carry food or meal carts through the aeroplane and lift emergency window exits and open emergency doors.
  • The candidate should have no prior mental illness record.
  • The candidate should pass a vision test which is mandatory to check that the candidate’s vision is at least 20/40 with glasses or contact lenses.
  • A candidate has to also go through a hearing test with no loss of hearing in a better ear greater than 40 dB when losses at 500 or 100 or 2000 Hz are averaged.
  • The candidate must pass the DOT fingerprinting and drug screening test.

Key Responsibilities of an Air Hostess

The duties of an air hostess do not limit themselves to carrying beverages and meals through the aeroplane and serving the travellers with good food. In case of emergency, they are the ones which help the travellers to stay safe and risk their lives for the travellers.

Some of the Key Duties/Responsibilities of an Air Hostess are:-

  1. Air Hostess guarantees the safety and comfort of all the passengers.
  2. They are responsible for informing every passenger boarding the flight of the in-flight rules and regulations to be followed during the course of the flight.
  3. Before any flight, the pilot meets the cabin crew of the respective flight to brief them and also looks after the flight plan. The air hostesses have to attend and obey the pilot’s briefing plan actions accordingly.
  4. Air hostesses have the responsibility of confirming that all the emergency tools or equipment like the first aid kit, or the emergency kit are complete and available.
  5. An air hostess also is responsible for checking after all the supplies provided in an aeroplane like pillows, blankets, meals which will be needed by the passengers during flight.
  6. An air hostess provides the beverages, meals, reading materials, etc.
  7. Air hostesses also have the responsibility to check the passenger tickets once boarding starts and ensure no passenger fails to board the flight.
  8. They also assist the passengers in finding their respective seats.

The 8 job responsibilities listed above are only a part of all the responsibilities to be followed by the air hostesses. This occupation involves various dynamic aspects and if you want to be an air hostess, you should be prepared to meet every responsibility. Air hostesses are not just flight attendants, they turn into life saviours as well in case of any emergency.

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