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What is Web Development?

In recent times, technology has started playing a very vital part in our daily lives. Technology surrounds us from the simplest website to the complex inventions as well. Talking about companies, in recent times, every company is fighting to leverage their online presence and websites play a very huge role in it. Web developers are being hired in large numbers to design an outstanding website that helps a company to engage traffic and gain leads.

But what is Web Development?

Web development refers to work involved in creating, designing, managing and maintaining a website or a webpage. The work involved with web development can be as simple as a basic HTML webpage and as complex as various social networking and e-commerce websites. Every company, whether small or big is now hiring web developers from around the country who can help them grow on the Internet.

Many people confuse Web Development with Websites, but Web Development is majorly concerned with the programming and coding part, which is the main reason for the functioning of a website.


Who is a Web Developer?

With the exponential growth in the trends of Websites, Webpages, etc. Web Developer is becoming the most attractive and best-paid career choice in the modern world. A Web Developer is someone who modifies a web design designed by a client or a design team and turns it into a beautiful website. A web developer designs a website by writing some complex codes in languages like HTML, Python, etc.

It takes a lot of time and struggles to understand these languages perfectly, making the job of a web developer challenging and thus, highly paid too.

Be it any company, either small-cap or large-cap, everyone is hiring web developers in bulk for getting out the best website to leverage their online presence. Different web developers are specialized in different languages, therefore companies hire different web developers who are experts in different languages to get the best outcome for their brand. 


Types of Web Developer

As mentioned above there are various developers specialized in various languages. Therefore there are 3 broad categories into which Web Developers are divided.





1:- Front-End Developer

Front-End developers are responsible for designing the part of a website that is seen by the users. Design is that part of the website with which the users interact. In general words, a front-end developer takes the designs from the client or the design team and writes a code that is needed to implement it in the language they are experts in.

For being a decent Front-End developer one must have a keen knowledge of languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These developers also use UI and UX to enhance the style and presentation of their website.

A Front-End Developer is solely responsible for making a website look interactive and attractive at the same time. They are responsible for making sure that all the colours, content, headings are in the right place. 

Companies hire quality front-end developers on a very high pay scale as they are the ones who would force the user to stick to a company’s website by making it look attractive.


2:- Back-End Developer

While it might feel like front-end developers have a lot to do for the company’s sake, back-end developers have a much tough job to fulfil. While Front-end developers deal with the user-end side of the website, back-end developers deal with the server-side. They are responsible for making sure that the website works properly even on a high-traffic day.

They are the ones who write a code that powers the websites’ database, and content that it may contain. The main job of back-end developers is to create a clean and efficient code that loads and refreshes in the quickest way possible, just as the customer likes it.

Since website speed is considered a major part of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), back-end developers have to make sure that they write a code that is clean, efficient, secured, and most importantly responds quickly. Some of the most popular languages which a back-end programmer must have in-depth knowledge of include; PHP, Java, Ruby, and Python.


3:- Full-Stack Developer

Full-Stack developers are developers who have in-depth knowledge of both front-end and back-end programming. They know all the languages which are used for making a perfect website all alone. Full-stack developers are the first choice of many small budget companies who want to build a website but are low on resources. With the help of a full-stack developer all, they have to pay is to a single person who designs the perfect website for them.

Being a full-stack developer is quite tough but has a lot of benefits as well. Full-stack developers are the most highly paid developers as they can build a website all on their own. Many companies prefer hiring a full-stack developer as it gets cost-efficient and all they have to manage is a single person who understands the ethics of both front-end and back-end.

Quality full-stack developers are often hired to oversee a project which makes it an even more high-paying job than standard web development jobs.


Scopes of Being a Web Developers in India

As mentioned earlier, web development as a career has seen exponential growth. Companies are looking for quality web developers even if they are freshers. The future of web developers in India is bright and below are some of the reasons for it.


1:- Companies prefer Specialists

Many Digital Marketers claim to design an attractive and interactive website for a company, but the companies prefer to hire specialist developers for the long-term who can design a solid website that is beautiful and reacts to every action by the user.



2:- Freelance Opportunities:

There are a lot of companies that hire freelancers on a project basis who can make quality web pages for them. Quality web developers can make a decent amount of money by freelancing part-time for a company which will, in turn, add up to their experience.


3:- Jobs in Top-Notch Companies

Experience always plays a vital role in getting a top-notch job and payscale. Many freelance web developers end up working for companies like Microsoft, Google, or Facebook.


Yes, it’s tough being a web developer but the rewards for quality web developers are also high. If you work hard you will surely taste the sweet fruits of success.

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