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clear cabin crew interview

How to clear cabin crew interviews?

There are many people who dream of becoming a member of a cabin crew for a renowned airline company, the job looks very attractive and there is no doubt about it but to qualify for that job is quite tough. One needs to understand all the responsibilities of being a member of the cabin crew, clear many rounds of interviews, and also the individual has to be physically and mentally fit. If you are someone who can tick all these criteria, you should definitely try to get a job in the aviation service. This job does not only looks attractive and luxurious but it also provides you with all of it if you work hard enough.


The Final Interview is the last step of the Cabin Crew Hiring Process. It usually consists of questions that aim to provide the interviewers with the correct sort of information to help them recruit the best of the best people, the questions asked in the final interview can range from your experiences in school to your job or skills.

Interviewers who sit for recruiting the members of Cabin Crew are the most unexpected people. The questions in their minds can range to any extent. Preparing for this interview is very crucial for your success. There are many chances of you being caught by surprise, you may reveal something you didn’t want to share just because you didn’t have any example ready. This could decrease your chances of getting selected for the job. Here are some example questions you should prepare before the Interview Day:-


  • Why do you want to become a cabin crew?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Tell me about a time when you solved a conflict.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses, if any.
  • How are you planning to compensate for your lack of experience?
  • Tell me about a time you dealt with a colleague who was not doing his share of work.
  • What do you know about our company?
  • How will you deal if you are in a situation of emergency?
  • How will you manage the time in days of immense workload?
  • What are your expectations from the company?


These were the most popular questions interviewers ask before recruiting some for the job.


Here are some other important aspects to consider:

  1. Body Language

Your body language can attract the interviewer or can degrade his attention towards you. The little hand or body signals that we unconsciously send to the people we interact with show precisely what we feel at that particular time. An individual not especially an interviewer but anyone can decode somebody’s body language better than their words. Therefore, one needs to be extra careful of their body language.



There are many characteristics that the interviewer sees while an aspirant is sitting in front of them. Your body posture also speaks a lot about you. So, be careful!

  • Sit upright, but not too stiff in your chair, this shows that you are comfortable and confident.
  • Lean slightly forward, this shows you are interested and involved.
  • Very slightly tilt your head to one side, this shows you are friendly and open.



Many individuals think that they need to move their hands a lot in order to explain something but that is not needed when it comes to interviews. One should keep their hands in a very comfortable position which in turn shows that the aspirant is comfortable enough to crack the interview.


  • We recommend you rest your hands on your lap or the table. Do not clasp them very firmly, this might give a wrong impression.
  • Try to avoid touching your face, touching your nose or lips can indicate that you are lying or you are very underconfident about your answers.
  • It is strongly recommended not to elevate your hands above your neck, this shows that you are nervous and annoyed which in turn leaves a very bad impression on the interviewer.
  • Never cross your arms across your chest, crossing your arms across your chest shows a defensive attitude which also means that the aspirant is uncomfortable and ignorant.



Not only your hands but even the posture of your legs are noticed when you go to give an interview. Here are some tips to keep your legs properly and intact:-


  • An aspirant is advised before an interview to cross their feet at the ankles or they can also choose to place both their feet on the floor, this shows a professional and confident look.
  • One should definitely control their leg movements, shaking or bouncing your leg shows nervousness and is distracting enough for the interviewer to reject you.
  • Do not rest your leg on top of the other knee, this portrays a very arrogant look.


Tone of voice

Apart from your body posture, the way you talk and your tone is the most important thing which will decide your selection. One should always keep in mind that the tone while giving an interview should be professional and confident.


  • It is better for the aspirants if they breathe and pause before answering the questions, this shows that they are thinking before stating any facts or figures.
  • Keep on varying your tone and pitch, this shows your confidence.
  • You can smile and nod at appropriate times but do not overdo it, it might leave a bad impression on the interviewer.
  • Never laugh on your own, laughing along with the interviewer is more appropriate than laughing alone.
  • An aspirant is advised to always use words to answer questions. Replying just with nods and head shakes is considered as underconfidence and lack of knowledge.


Points to remember:-


  • Get plenty of sleep the night before the interview. Yawning in front of the interviewer suggests boredom.
  • Don’t consume alcohol the night before and avoid spicy or garlic rich food as these may taint your breath.


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