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Tell Me About Yourself”- What to Say When a Cabin Crew Interviewer Raises This Question

Tell Me About Yourself”- What to Say When a Cabin Crew Interviewer Raises This Question

It appears that talking about oneself is simple. Nonetheless, you might be shocked at how difficult it is to grasp the interview question “Tell me about yourself or introduce yourself or take me through your profile”.

When this subject is raised, many people turn into shrinking violets. We appear to be modest, self-deprecating people all of a sudden. We are hesitant to discuss the qualities and skills that will assist us in achieving our desired job as cabin crew.

And this hard little interview question gets even more complicated because you have to offer quite diverse replies based on the conditions.

The question, tell me about yourself, is commonly asked in two scenarios, generally:

In a group conversation, it can be used as an icebreaker.

As an introductory question during the final interview.

For any scenario, you should have a planned and practised reaction.

As a De-Icemaker

This question will almost certainly be posed as an icebreaker at the start of a group activity on your assessment day. This is where you’ll find yourself in a group of 10-20 other candidates with whom you may not have yet had the chance to speak.

Answering this question as a short introduction would make everyone feel at ease before you begin the main group activities. Don’t be fooled by the question’s simplicity. You are currently being judged.

The recruiter will evaluate your abilities to address a group of people you have never met before with confidence and clarity. In effect, you’ll be giving a public speech, which might be nerve-wracking if you haven’t prepared.

The answer you give just needs to be brief, but it’s critical that you deliver it correctly.

The recruiter will usually advise you what information you should share with the rest of the group. Typically, this will include:

Your given name

You’re from a certain country or city.

Why do you wish to work as a cabin crew member?


A fun fact about yourself

The examiner will expect you to have carefully followed their directions. Make sure you give the recruiter all of the information they requested — and in the order they requested it.


Why do you wish to work as a cabin crew member?

Keep your response brief and straightforward. Concentrate on a central subject that you can readily express to your audience in a single statement. This is an excellent opportunity to highlight the abilities you can provide to your chosen airline, rather than just what you hope to gain from working as a cabin crew member.

Do you have any fascinating facts about yourself?

The tendency is to remark something amusing to the other members of the group. However, you’ll be missing out on another wonderful opportunity to inform the recruiter about the abilities you already have that make you the ideal cabin crew applicant.

Work that you have done out of the kindness of your heart

You have been involved in a number of charitable activities.

Achievements in sports or athletics

You’ve been in a number of theatrical productions.

Prepare for this type of question ahead of time by thoroughly considering your responses and practising your delivery with a friend or family member.

Whenever, speaking to the group, talk loudly and clearly so that everyone can hear you. Maintain a good posture and make eye contact with each member in the group.

Speak at a rate that allows others in the group who do not speak English as a first language to comprehend you adequately. Above all, remember to smile and take pleasure in your chance to shine in front of the group.

At the end of the interview

The question “Tell me something about yourself?” is asked by many recruiters and hiring managers at the start of formal interviews. However, in this case, your response should be substantially different from what you gave in the group exercise.

Your name, age, and other personal information are already known to the recruiter. They’ve noticed something in you that they like and want to learn more about you to see if you’re a good fit for their airline.

This is a fantastic opportunity to talk about how your experience, talents, attitude, and personality qualify you for the position of flight attendant.

But, in just a few minutes, how do you explain all of this to the recruiter? There is, after all, an acronym for this.

Education Qualification



Make sure that each component is tailored to the function of cabin crew. This isn’t the time to be modest — describe your accomplishments so the recruiter can see how valuable you will be as cabin staff.

Education Qualification:

Let the recruiter know that when you completed the minimal degree of schooling required for cabin crew with their airline. As an instance, the year you passed High School and what courses you are specialised in.

Include any courses or credentials you have in customer service, hospitality, or other similar fields.

Mention if you speak a second, third, or even fourth language. Make a list of your language skills. What steps will you take to improve your skills?

What other steps have you taken to further your education? Have you attended any courses or acquired any other skills in first aid or firefighting as an adult?


Now you will be able to combine your education and job experience to showcase the talents you are having – just keep it in your mind that you should focus on skills that are relevant to the cabin crew role.

  • Working with or in a group
  • Ability to communicate
  • resolving issues
  • Empathy

Explain how you know you have these abilities and how you have used them. You can be confident that you’ll cover all of the areas that the recruiter is interested in if you create an organised answer utilising this style. You must be completely familiar with your resume. It’s critical that you’re ready for this question and have practised it in advance.

This intimidating and difficult interview question has suddenly become an amazing tool in your inventory for persuading the recruiter that you are the right person for the job!


This is the opportunity to make your resume come to life by describing how your previous work experiences have equipped you with the abilities necessary to succeed as a flight attendant.

You might find it beneficial to include your work experience in reverse chronological order, beginning with the most recent employment.

Describe the abilities you’ve acquired that will help you as a cabin staff member. What kind of customer service, problem-solving, and teamwork experience do you have? Demonstrate how you’ve grown and improved your talents with each job. If there are any gaps in your employment history, now is the time to explain why.

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