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Interesting facts about Cabin Crew job in Aviation Industry

Interesting facts about Cabin Crew job in Aviation Industry

The job of being in the Cabin Crew for an aviation industry is a dream for many people. Some people think that working as a cabin crew will help them with the most luxurious lifestyle and help them being financially independent. This job is as tough as interesting and fascinating it seems to be. Working as a cabin crew is something that many people wish to do. They wish to be on an aeroplane but not the passenger seat but as a Cabin Crew. The reason being that it is a very prestigious, interesting, and fascinating job, also, there are many interesting facts to this occupation.  


Before starting to list the interesting facts about being in the cabin crew of the airline, let us start by clearing out the basics.


What is a Cabin Crew?

An Air Hostess or flight attendant is a member of the cabin crew of an aircraft employed by airlines to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers. Be it commercial flights, or business jet crafts, every airline appoints a particular set of people who are termed as cabin crew to look after the safety of their passengers, their meals, their luxurious travel, etc. A flight attendant or every member of the cabin crew is not only the caretaker of passengers boarding a particular flight, but they also take care of the flight in case of any unfortunate circumstances.


Being a member of the cabin crew for any airline is a matter of responsibility and thus, the perks of being in the cabin are also numerous.


1:- Travel the World:

The most obvious fantasy for individuals and the most desired undoubtedly has to be travelling the world. Travelling the world while working as a cabin crew member for an airline is quite easy especially if you are working for a large international airline. You will definitely get several chances to travel the world over and experience things most people can only dream of.

Travelling across the globe and having access to every continent, is quite a very convincing reason for every flight attendant to wake up every day smiling and to prepare carefully for each flight. Each journey for a member of the cabin crew is unique because you work and live among other nationalities gathered from each corner of the globe, doesn’t matter if they are your colleagues or your passengers you get to explore and network a lot when it comes to travelling with people of every division.




2:- Varied Job

There is no compulsory 9 to 5 hours job for members of a cabin crew and the best part is that no 2 days are the same in terms of work doing and timings, therefore it is the most perfect job for individuals who like different shifts and exciting work life. They can PTO, drop, swap, trade, and work within a schedule that they decide on depending on their level of seniority. Different airlines permit different numbers of swaps within a particular period. There are some members of the cabin crew who decide on piling up their work trips to create some days off for themselves. So, a member of any cabin crew might work to some next level over some time and then have up to two weeks break from travelling.

If there are advantages, there are disadvantages too, sadly, flight attendants also work on holidays, weekends at any time of the day or night and standby periods.

While working as a member of the cabin crew you are on a different aircraft each day, have a whole new crew and of course different passengers, so you never know what to expect from the team as well as the passengers. At times it may happen that you report for your job at 9 pm for a flight to Singapore or be sitting at the airport at 5 AM on standby.


3:- Better than Average Salary

If an individual is working as a member of any cabin crew, the salary is above the normal wage of many countries. This salary increases with time, with each promotion, you get bonuses out of duty-free sales and also, annual bonuses depending upon the airline you work for and the quality of work you deliver.

At an overseas airline company, an individual can earn approximately 2500 $/ monthly (the salary depends on the monthly flight hours)

Working as a flight attendant for an airline in the UK, such as Virgin Atlantic, means that you get a Defined Contribution pension based on a contract. Pensions and above-average incomes in the early stages make it flexible and efficient enough to give you a stable future income.


4:- A fancy and Exquisite Lifestyle

Because of the unusual and unexpected shifts of work and a varied roster, flight attendants or members of any cabin crew have quite a fancy and exciting lifestyle. They usually get to know almost all of their destinations a month in advance, so, they can plan what all they want to explore at that place or they may also have 2 or 3 days off together midweek which would contribute to a great family time.

Of course, they can plan their trips in advance (shopping or sightseeing) or if they have a family at home, they may just plan a nice family trip where they can shop or if they want to rest at the hotel or sit in the sun.



5:- Cheaper flight tickets

If you are a member of any cabin crew or work in an airline, you are offered to buy flight tickets with a discount. This represents another advantage of being a member of the cabin crew for both, you as an employee and also for your family and friends. This also helps you plan several vacations in your free time or vacations. You can explore, travel, and do your baggage very often to see where your feet will lead you.









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