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Hotel management as a career for girls

Is hotel management is a good career option for girls?| Choosing Hotel management as a career for girls can be a brilliant choice

What is Hotel Management- Hotel management is when an employee deals with management or anything related to the hotel sector. Studying hotel management teaches you different strategies required when working in the hotel industry. it includes organization, team-lead, catering, housekeeping, finance, and many more. This hotel management degree will help you run a hotel effectively while dealing with different parts of the business continuously. The degree will give you in-depth details of hotel management and the know-how. Choosing Hotel management as a career for girls is a brilliant choice.

This sector is one of the most biggest and rewarding careers to pursue among students these days. Having a career in hotel management and hospitality opens doors for you to many great and permanent career opportunities with high salary potential in the international market. In addition, it requires you to communicate with different people at a workplace with diverse backgrounds and languages, contributing to your competitiveness and experience. Choosing Hotel management as a career for girls is a brilliant choice. As it creates a solid foundation for the individuals in the management of hotels.

As a hotel manager, you also have to ensure that the hotel upkeep is maintained, both in general areas as well as in each guest room. Managers are required to inspect maintenance performed by housekeeping staff to ensure that standards are maintained. They also serve the customer service function by working to resolve any customer/ guest’s complaints positively and proactively.

  • Does hotel management have any gender discrimination? –

no! this industry does not discriminate between girls and boys. in fact, they provide equal job opportunities to both. So, Choosing Hotel management as a career for girls is a brilliant choice. a Graduate student in this field can join as housekeeping staff supervisors, restaurant managers, food service managers, and many more. from this field, you can also get a job in travel agencies, transportation, aviation sectors, and many more.

A bachelor’s degree in hotel management is a good course to pursue. it offers good career options and outstanding growth opportunities not only in India but outside India too. While studying hotel management/hospitality management, the trainee goes through an internship period. after completing the internship period, they can get a job in various sectors like cruise lines, airlines, and the hotel sector.

  • What makes it a perfect career option for girls?-

Nowadays, everyone is competitive. the girls are on their top than the boys in every aspect of their life. The Hospital Industry is the world’s biggest employer. You can enjoy your professional life, work as long as you want, and enjoy a good lifestyle.

 You can have a career as a Relationship Manager, Air Hostess, Faculty Teacher, Training Manager, Human Resource, Sales & Marketing, or PRO. The economy offers a great variety of employment possibilities. in fact, You can also start your own business as an entrepreneur or Interior Decorator, Housekeeping Service, Catering and Food outlet. It makes you self-dependent & provides financial stability. so Choosing Hotel management as a career for girls is a brilliant choice.

 working in this sector will not only offer you rewards and satisfying jobs but also lifestyle and travel opportunities, irrespective of gender, nationality, or ethnic and cultural background that no other industry can match. Most of the front office sectors prefer to hire female candidates because they have soft-spoken behavior and having an interest in the cooking department provides them a lot of opportunities in this field.

  • Benefits of working in the hotel industry –
  • Salary scale-The salary potential was relatively low when the hospitality industry was not thoroughly developed. But now, the industry has developed, and new companies have launched. As a fresher, the starting salary range starts from 10000- 20000. When you will get experience, the salaries will rise according to your skills and experiences. Apart from that, It also offers many increments and bonuses with increasing experience in the industry.

a successful hotel manager in India earns around 50,000 per month. The salary range starts from 10,000-20,000 (as a fresher) and 90,000 (highest). The salaries in this sector are drastically based on experience, skills, and location This is the average salary of a hotel manager including housing, transport, and other benefits. you can get a job in both the hotel and airline sectors. After completing the BHM course, you can get a job in both the hotel and airline sectors. as a fresher, you can get a job as a front office executive in hotels and restaurants. An airline sector is also a good option for hotel management students. as a fresher, you can get a job as a front office executive for hotels and restaurants. The airline sector is also a good option for hotel management students. 

  • The diversity –

The hotel management sector is full of diversity and new challenges along with exciting career opportunities. The Hotel management requires you to interact with different individuals every day, having different backgrounds, religions, cultures, etc., on an international level. This thing adds up to your experience in the diverse and international culture of the hospitality industry. also, there are other opportunities to explore inside hotel management that are never-ending, like 

you will get a travel allowance and learn about their cultures and so on.

  • Creativity-

If you are a person who loves to try new challenges every day, then you can go for hotel management. you have to manage more and more customers to your business. Managing a hotel needs you to be very creative and come up with new challenging ideas every day to increase your guests’ comfort and satisfaction level. so If you have a strong creative mind, then this sector is just for you. you need to work hard every day to make your guests comfortable.

  • Travel benefits-

Working in the hotel management sector offers you various travel benefits. For example, if you work as a supervisor or an assistant manager in multiple chain hotels, then you can get a chance to travel locally and internationally with some discounts. That’s why these days, students prefer to go to this sector.

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