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Steward is a career in India

Is Steward is a good career option for men in India? Steward is a career in India has multiple career opportunities

An airline steward also known as a flight attendant, is a male air hostess. If you are dreaming of joining the Aviation industry? Then do not think further because there’s no better path than joining as a steward. They are in charge of not only looking after the passengers at the airport but also making sure that all security and emergency protocols are followed. They need to make sure that the flight is safe and the proper emergency protocols are followed. If passengers require first assistance during the trip, the airline steward assists them. Steward is a career in India that has multiple job aspects. Let us discuss the qualification, job profiles, and benefits of pursuing a steward as your career.



Eligibility Criteria of Air Hostess for Men:


  • Age- minimum age of a candidate should be 18 (domestic airlines) and 21 for international airlines.


  • Height- the minimum height should be 5 feet 7 inches ( 173 cm )for a steward.


  • Weight- an ideal body weight for a steward should be proportionate to height.
  • Educational qualification- to get admission to a prestigious college or institute, the minimum qualification required to apply for the job of a steward is 10+2.
  • Nationality- Students should be a citizen of India.


  • Medical requirement- as a Stewards, they are responsible for handling a large number of passengers on a plane, they should not have any history of mental illness. The eyesight should be 6/9. Apart from that, they should not have any severe medical records, like handicaps and disabilities.



  • Marital status – the candidate should be unmarried while hiring. Though this parameter depends from company to company.


  • Language- candidate should be proficient both spoken and written in English. The more the number of languages a candidate is fluent in, the more preference he is given by an Airline.



  • Physical standard – the aviation field and the Air Hostess is a very glamorous job, Stewards are considered the informal company’s brand ambassadors of every airline. As a result, stewards should have a clear complexion and no visible tattoo or piercing.


  • The Behavioural approach – there are some behavioral aspects you should have while pursuing a career in this field, including –

Attitude- the flight steward must have an approaching attitude towards their job. They must be reasonable and pleasant.


Personality- as a steward, the personality should be pleasant and approachable towards passengers. Candidates with a calming personality are given higher job preferences in this career option.


The strong Presence of mind- a steward, they suppose to be quick thinkers so that they can handle difficult situations easily and with ease. A candidate with a sharp presence of mind is always preferred by the big Airline companies.


The Job opportunities as a steward-



sometimes, a steward is required to work hard and over shift at back to back flights, as a result, it becomes exhausting and critical for the candidates . besides, Steward is a career in India has multiple job aspects. to have a strong work ethic, Stewards should be willing to work hard and have a positive position.


Working as a steward is highly prestigious. By working in top-notch companies, they can provide pivotal in your career advancement. Do not let this opportunity go. Steward is a career in India that has multiple job aspects. These job fields will give you the chance to have the greatest exposure to working nationally and internationally. Working in steward jobs, you can get a chance into a company, which nurtures you in a way where you will become competent and learn a lot in a short time. Steward jobs also expose you to heavily talented people and high-tech technologies which bring the best out in you. So, don’t think further. Just go for it.



Here are some different job opportunities-


The Cargo manager:  to become a cargo manager, you must complete your course as a steward. He or she mainly determines the quantity and orientation of cargo and maintains the aircraft’s centre of gravity. A cargo manager or a handler supervises and coordinates the activities of the ground crew in the unloading, 

Loading, securing, and maintaining aircraft baggage or cargo.


Air hostess- steward is another name for a male air hostess. An air hostess or cabin crew or flight steward is responsible for the passengers’ comfort and safety at the time of boarding and till the last passenger deboards the flight. Also, they are responsible for checking emergency arrangements before taking off the flight or during the landing of the flight.


Ground operator: as a steward, The individuals working in ground operations have job duties that vary from welcoming passengers to airports, to ensuring an aircraft’s take off. Stewards play a crucial role in maintaining areas such as commercial activities, airline operations, and the running of airports.


Cabin crew sector- 

As a steward, he can also get a job in the cabin crew sector. A cabin crew trainee, he is responsible for providing to-the-point training to cabin crew staff to manage the passenger’s needs and ensure they stay comfortable during the plane journey. By working as a cabin crew head/ supervisor, he looks after the cabin crew team members and ensures that they are responsible for their work responsibilities before the flight.

He has to maintain the regular work and operations as well as future airport planning. There should not be any communication interruption between cabin crew members and management to avoid any mismanagement on board flight and delays. 

A cabin crew head has to make sure accurate security and safety procedures to maintain and observed, serving the food and drinks to the passengers. By working, and gaining experience, he can get a chance to become cabin crew head. He is also responsible for managing the cabin crew staff to meet the needs of passengers.


As management personnel-  Steward is a career in India has multiple job aspects. Like cabin crew manager. They often take the responsibility for airport operations. These types of aviation jobs are to oversee all other employees and departments.




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