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Flight Staff and Ground Staff

The Difference between Career Paths of in-Flight Staff and Ground Staff?

Aviation sector is a huge sector in India that is growing day by day. Flight staff and ground staff are part of the aviation sector. to become successful in both flight staff and ground staff, a candidate should display outstanding verbal, communication and interpersonal skills. they have to achieve excellent customer service, which consistently meets the goals and vision of the airline company. There are some Difference between Career Paths of in-Flight Staff and Ground Staff .To apply for this job, a student has to follow the airline’s official website to get the interviews, and also to apply online they have to follow the airline’s careers page.

Aviation courses after 12-

The best reason to pursue a career in aviation industry is that they have excellent employment opportunities. the field of aviation is fast- paced and the glamorous one. The work culture makes the Difference between Career Paths of in-Flight Staff and Ground Staff .The best factor is what attracts the majority of the students to this field.

Lets find the difference between career paths of in-flight staff and ground staff

Flight staff/flight attendant:

They usually make passenger comfortable on airplane. flight staffs assist passengers in emergencies, keeping them comfortable and safe. They also serve beverages, foods, and sometimes snacks. This career involves security and hospitality and offers an opportunity for everyone who wants to provide safety and service to people while journeying the flight.

  • roles and responsibilities-

as a flight attendant, This job requires candidates to be able to perform duties like:

  1. they have to Continuously monitor all safety conditions and emergency equipment of the airplane while on the ground and in-flight.
  2. they need to explain all safety equipment and verify that passengers are following safety signs and rules.
  3. they have to provide hospitality and customer service to passengers
  4. they welcome passengers, monitor carry-on baggage, and direct passengers to their assigned seats.
  5. apart from that, they Assist passengers in stowing carry-on baggage.
  6. they Attend to individuals needing special assistance throughout the journey.
  7. flight staff Responds to onboard medical situations.

Educational qualification-

if you complete your degree from a recognized institute, you can get a good job with an attractive salary package. So choosing the right institute is a crucial part of your career. To become a flight staff or flight attendant, Students in any field can join the aviation courses after 10+2. students must obtain 50% aggregate marks in higher secondary.

Students have to make sure, the institute to which they want to get admission has proper study materials, faculties, and guidance. They should keep up-to-date with the latest technologies as technology is the key to this field.


  1. communication skills-

 communication skills are a must-have aspect of the career as an air hostess. it is their duty to communicate with each and every passenger guide them during their journey, ensure their safety and guide them during the journey from the airplane and listen to their problems in order to solve them. Verbal and written communication skills are crucial part in flight staff.

  1. Grooming skills-

the aviation sector is a very professional sector. as a flight staff, you need to stay professional. You can not put on weight. grooming skills are a must for everyone who is going to work in this field. it is mandatory to for her to wear the same size uniform in which she has joined.

3.management skills- sometimes as a flight staff, they have to face challenges and they have to give the passengers instant solutions. They should be ready for instant solutions and good management skills.

  1. You have to know the necessary health measures to deal with emergent situations. (like the covid 19 precautions).



Ground staff-

The ground staff is also a part of the airline industry. The career option of the ground staff is huge. They have to do a lot of work from commercial to technical handling for the arrival of a safe departure of flight. They need to be very responsible for many things that happen at the airport. security training will provide by the company after passing the final round.

Roles and responsibilities

as a ground staff, a student have to

Inside the airport-

  • They check passengers for flights and give them boarding passes and big luggage tag.
  • passengers who’s flight tickets are cancelled, or are delayed, ground staff re-book them or make a booking again.
  • They sometimes those traveling with disabled passengers or minor passengers.
  • Ground staff Gives the passengers the latest information about the flights.
  • They help customers in all inquiries, including lost goods or any kind of requirements.
  • When the situation arises, ground staff assist the staff in the security check and solve their problems in minutes.
  • Apart from that, they provide high-level customer service for those traveling by passengers and the airport.

Outside the airport

  • Outside the terminal, ground staff helps all loading and unloading of passenger bags from the plane and send them for delivery to the passenger.
  • They help direct passengers to land in the airport and guide them accordingly.
  • They direct the landing aircraft to the vehicle spots.
  • Provides services to the passenger at the arrival area. Like – steps from the flights for passengers and crew to disembark the flight.

Educational qualification-

Students in any field can join the aviation courses after 10+2. students must obtain 50% aggregate marks in higher secondary. After that they can pursue diploma in airport ground staff training and after that they have to study post graduate diploma in airport ground staff training.


Verbal and written communication skills are must to become a ground staff. Candidate should have experience in customer service. However, apart from that candidate should have proper grooming skills, team work, flexibility, management skills, etc.

you Need practical communication skills for a productive and relevant conversation with the passengers.


The Difference between Career Paths of in-Flight Staff and Ground Staff is subtle but their responsibilities are overall same. the career in aviation sector  offers an opportunity to earn and explore different states and countries. Working in an airline sector doesn’t seem like to be a boring, stagnant job but one that offers various kinds of challenges daily, not least with the people you’ll meet.

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