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Career after Hotel Management in 2022

Career after Hotel Management in 2022 | Aptech gariahat

Hotel management sectors in Kolkata are currently blooming and many youngsters are preferring their career as a hotel management industry. hotel management is not limited to working hotels. You can get a wide range of job opportunities outside the countries also. there are plenty of options in your Career after Hotel Management in 2022. The hotel industry is the crucial part of the hospitality industry.


Students who have successfully completed their 10+2 are eligible for pursuing the hotel management degree, diploma or a certified course.

Some of the best hotel management institute in Kolkata, are- IIHM, Aptech gariahat, NSHM, Amity university, etc.

 Let us give a peek into some of the most popular careers in hotel management:

As a hotel manager-

Bachelor’s in hotel management gives you scope in the hotel industry. You can work as a hotel manager. As a hotel manager, you have to manage the daily operations of a hotel, handle the finance and account section, and maintain its high standards. Apart from that, you have to manage the staff and interact with guests and other public.

  1. Catering service-

Catering services are currently blooming. There are so many options available in Career after Hotel Management in 2022. this is another unique sector that falls under the umbrella of the hotel management industry. As a catering manager, he/she leads the group of caterers and chefs. They are also responsible for catering. Catering services are all about food services and making sure that the process is carried out smoothly.

  1. club manager-

You can easily pursue the job as a club manager after completing your hotel management course. Club managers are the one who maintain and supervises the daily operations of a club. They have to maintain the health and fitness clubs too. As a club manager. You have to monitor a team of associates and assistants so that the club members are satisfied with the services of the club. As a club manager, you have to be confident with excellent verbal and communication skills.


  1. front office job and airline sector-

After completing the BHM course , you can get job in both hotel and airline sector.as a fresher, you can get job as a front office executive to the hotels and restaurants. airline sector is also a good option for hotel management students.  On the airline sector you can get job in various role like chef, catering manager, ground staff etc. As an airline catering manager, you will be responsible to maintain the standard of food delivered to the passenger and crew members. You have to ensure about the hygiene of the food and the passengers enjoy their meal.

Apart from that you can also get a job  as a ground staff or as a public relation manager.


  1. housekeeping/guesthouse manager-

You can pursue your Career after Hotel Management in 2022  to become a housekeeping manager/ guesthouse manager. Guesthouse managers are responsible for managing the staff and running a guesthouse.

As a housekeeper, you have to ensure the safety and give comfort to your clients. they are responsible for taking care of housekeeping, and hygiene checks.



  1. as a Cruise hotel manager-

This sector is perfect for those who want to travel different places and countries. The responsibility of a cruise hotel manager includes maintain the standards of the cruise, manage the staffs, interact with guests, checking the food quality and oversee the daily operations.


  1. Forest Lodge-

There are various career paths are open after pursuing hotel management course, including become a forest lodge manager. As a forest lodge manager you have to take care the cleanliness of the lodge and the needs of the guest. As time, the forest lodging manager has to arrange transportations for guests so that they can enjoy the jungle rides. 

  1. Catering and Hotel Institute-

Catering services are the main part of every occasion, party , etc. As a catering and hotel manager, you have to manage the hotel and its respected catering services.


  1. railway catering-

The railway industry in India is the largest and the globe’s second-biggest railway industry. If you are graduated In hotel management and looking for a stable job, then you can build your Career after Hotel Management in 2022– as a manager of railway catering.

As a railway catering manager, you have to take care of the food served to railway passengers while ensuring quality. of the food.



10.career in Tourism And Hotel Industry

The  travel & tourism sector is a huge sector in India that is growing day by day. Candidates who are pursuing a career in travel & tourism must have a passion, a desire to learn new things, ability to keep up with new socioeconomic trends. you can build your career in this sector by studying hotel management.

 As a tourist manager, you have to concern with all the tourist requirements of your guest. Hotel management is a significant part of travel & tourism sector. As a hotel manager, you have to manage the daily operations of a hotel, handles the finance and account section, maintain its high standards. 

  1. Entrepreneurship

After completing your bachelor degree from the Aptech gariahat , which is one of the best college for hotel management, you can start you career in a company or as an entrepreneur. You can easily choose this one as your Career after Hotel Management in 2022.If you have sufficient backups and willing to start your own food chain line, then you can start your business by owning a restaurant or a cafe. 

    Apart from that you can also venture into starting your own hospitality training institute to pass on your valuable knowledge to aspiring students.


  1. retail sector(Food and Beverage)-

Retail sector has a wide range of job openings for hotel management students. As a retail manager, you need to take care of the available food and beverages for the customers. They have to ensure that the food serves to the guests is hygienic and has enough level of nutritious value.



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