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Top 5 IT Courses Offered by Aptech Gariahat in Kolkata | IT Courses in Kolkata

Top 5 IT Courses Offered by Aptech Gariahat in Kolkata | IT Courses in Kolkata 


Aptech is among Kolkata’s finest places to get computer training. When you register in a career course with Aptech, there are several career, professional, short-term, and certification courses available to satisfy the educational and professional needs of students, working professionals, and others. Providers of non-formal academic training courses based on curricula and top-notch practical skill development are given top attention by Aptech. By finishing IT Courses in Kolkata from Aptech ,You can get 


  • Teacher’s guidance and study materials. Before developing Aptech’s course curriculum, which is up to date with the most recent advancements, industry experts conducted extensive market analysis. The globally recognised Aptech Computer Education has partnered with IT behemoths like Oracle and Red Hat to offer courses. Because to these collaborations, they are able to meet even the greatest expectations for IT training!


  • Aptech provide job placement for every student. You won’t only have a variety of career alternatives after completing an information technology training from Aptech, but you’ll also never be without a job!  IT has become indispensable, and most organizations rely on it to some level. Daily technological advancements are ongoing and don’t appear to be slowing down. Additionally, no matter what industry you select, you will be in great demand because IT is one of the most in-demand talents. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll need to keep up with the newest technology. Anytime, wherever, you can study anything you want. With Aptech You can choose to enrol in a part-time or full-time fundamental computer course or a programming language course from the comfort of your home. 


  • By their guidance and internships, you can access various career possibilities. With aptech’s  professional IT Courses in Kolkata  ,you can get job to the leading companies. The most sought-after talent among companies, IT is one of the few practical abilities that can be applied to a wide range of sectors. Data analysis, web development, and software engineering are some of the more visible IT-related careers that are well-paying and always in demand.

The majority of organisations nowadays, nevertheless, use computers, thus IT skills are necessary for a lot of vocations you would not have considered. Anyone who works with computers must be computer literate, from medical receptionists who use online appointment scheduling software to project managers in retail businesses who commonly use spreadsheets to keep track of tasks.

Here are Top 5 IT Courses in Kolkata Offered by Aptech Gariahat –


  • Smart Pro open source web app development course –

Aptech offer complete in-depth knowledge courses on web app development. With this smart pro open source course, you can learn how to build a strong foundation of working comfortably in the open source environment.  Get help with the professionals by pursuing this smart pro open source web app development course from Aptech.

Course details –

This topic covers – Dynamic web development using PHP

  • Angular JS
  • UI/UX 
  • HTML 5, CSS and java script
  • Essentials of nodejs


Eligibility  –

Students with IT porfessionals, engineers are eligible for this course.

Admission fees –

The admission fees start from Rs. 22,600- 30,800 /-.

  • Smart pro artificial intelligence and machine learning –

With Aptech’s  professional IT Courses in Kolkata ,You will receive practical training for a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning in Python, R Studio, and other areas in this course. While ML is built on the straightforward idea of computers using data to learn, AI operates as a computer programme that does the intelligent job. You will learn how to create voice-powered personal assistants like alexa or siri, large data management, R programming, etc. 

Course details –

In term 1, you will be learned –

  • Emerging job areas – SMAC
  • E-project
  • Python programming
  • Financial data analysis with MS EXCEL


In term 2 –

  • Deep learning and machine learning apps
  • AI primer
  • Natural language processing toolkit
  • Project-chatbot and recommendation engine


Eligibility –

IT professionals, engineers, working professionals

Course fees –

The admission fees start from Rs. 62,000- 90,000/- .


  • Data structure course –

The data structure is a technique for gathering and organizing the data so that actions can be performed on them efficiently and data pieces may be presented for groups to be effectively & stored. You can Learn about arrays, algorithm analysis, strings, queues, trees, and graphs with the help of this course.



Undergraduates/ graduates/ working professionals/ engineers

Fee range : Admission fees – rs.6,200 – 8,300/-


  • Aptech smartpro business accounting course –


With the Smart Pro Business Accounting course, you can explore corporate processes in the shared services, finance & accounting, and banking sectors through process-based training. You will be required to do several transactions in a simulated setting while acting as a financial employee in the virtual workplace. You will better comprehend the paperwork procedures needed to accomplish business transactions thanks to this. The course is GST compliant and uses examples to explain the ideas of GST and its implications.



Undergraduates/Graduates/Working professional.


Admission fees 

 Rs. 37,000 – 54,000/-.



Your IT programming talents are provided by ACCP Pro, which specialises in.NET, Java, or OST. The course has been developed to teach you C programming, object-oriented programming (OOP), web application, mobile development, cloud services, and agile software development process. It has been created with the newest industry requirements in mind. A career programme called ACCP Pro is created to help you become an industry-ready professional and get you equipped for current and emerging IT trends.

This programme is divided into 3 parts –

.NET, JAVA & OST. You will be learned the fundamentals of programming.


Course details 

In term 1 , you will learn 

  • Basic programming principles and c programming
  • Angular JS
  • UI/UX 
  • Basic web development
  • Bootstrap and jquery
  • Building next generation websites
  • Optimized web search engines
  • Cloud computing

In term 2 

In-depth knowledge in NET, Java and OST including – markup language,

  • Programming in c
  • Securing web app
  • Software testing using selenium
  • Markup language and JSON
  • Agile and devops
  • Fundamentals of java
  • SQL
  • Project python web app development



Students must clear their higher secondary examination/ graduation/ post graduation.

Admission fees 

Rs. 92,000 – 150,500/- .

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