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Unleash Your Full Potential: Top Reasons Why Aptech Aviation Gariahat Is the Best Computer Training Institute

Talking about the best computer training institute in Kolkata, Aptech places a high priority on providing academic non-formal academic curriculum-based training programmes and first-rate practical skill training. One of the top computer training institutions in Kolkata is Aptech.

The usage of computers and technology devices is expanding at a faster rate than ever as a result of the fast-paced world we live in. Each employee’s personal portfolio may benefit from having computer abilities. With the best computer training institute in Kolkata, your employability can be significantly increased by improving your computer literacy and upskilling. This is the ideal chance for you to step into positions you might not have previously considered. There are many career, professional, short-term, and certification courses available to fulfil the educational and professional needs of students, working professionals, and others when you register in a career course with Aptech.

  • Through campus placement initiatives, job fairs, and other activities, students who successfully finish their courses may often find employment.
  • Seminars, conferences, and other activities that encourage student participation in industry help students become more employable by preparing them for job interviews.
  • By giving every students with up to date study materials, trained teachers and outstanding internship period, Aptech has been named one of the best computer training institute in Kolkata, and all over India.
  • Students who can not attend their offline classes, can join their online classes as well. Aptech’s ONLINEVERSITY is a personal learning space on the internet where students can solve their doubts.

Things You can get when enrolled in Aptech’s computer Courses in Kolkata

The Broad Range of Career Options

IT skills are needed for a variety of careers you might not have considered, though, because the majority of organisations nowadays use computers. IT is not only the most sought-after skill among employers but also one of the few practical abilities that can be applied to many other businesses. Data analysis, web development, and software engineering are a few of the more obvious IT-related careers that are well-paying and in high demand.

Every anyone who uses a computer at work has to be computer literate, from medical front desk staff who use online appointment scheduling software to project managers in retail businesses who routinely use spreadsheets to keep track of projects.

Latest study material

Before preparing Aptech’s course of study, their trainers conduct in-depth market research and keep up with the most recent advancements. Tech giants like Red Hat and Oracle have partnered with Aptech Computer Education to offer courses that are well-known worldwide. With the best computer training institute in Kolkata, Aptech -your employability can be significantly increased by improving your computer literacy and upskilling. This is the ideal chance for you to step into positions you might not have previously considered. 

Practical sessions 

While many courses offer specific practical sessions, such as placement choices, Aptech Learning makes all of the practical learning available to you whether you’re using your own laptop or an online course on a computer at your nearby institution. This is one of the vital reasons why they are the best computer training institute in Kolkata. With the emergence of mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, you may practise what you’ve learned whenever you choose and evaluate your skills while you’re on the go.

The list of courses Aptech Gariahat offers

Data structure course

The data structure is a technique for gathering and organizing the data so that actions can be performed on them efficiently and data pieces may be presented for groups to be effectively & stored. You can Learn about arrays, algorithm analysis, strings, queues, trees, and graphs with the help of this course.

Admission fee

The admission fees start from Rs. 6200 to Rs. 8300.

Web development course

In web development classes, students build a range of websites and blogs, including simple web pages and more complicated online stores. As a web developer, you will design and build websites, and you’ll use programming languages like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, PHP, and MySQL to make sure they function properly. To succeed as a web developer, you must attend the best computer training institute in Kolkata such as Aptech, which offers the most up-to-date Web Development Courses.

Admission fees

The initial admission fees start from rs. 70,000/- onwards.

Course on software project management

Effective software project management is essential to fully use the knowledge, abilities, and resources needed to oversee the creation of software products. You will learn the fundamentals of software project management by taking this course.

Fees –

The entrance fee ranges from Rs. 8200 to Rs. 11200.

You can get employment as a project specialist once you have finished this course.

IT course for beginners

Aptech provides short-time Computer training courses for students. No matter which career you choose you to need a strong foundation and knowledge in it sector and computers. You can become an expert by pursuing this short-term course from Aptech learning.

Admission fees

The initial admission fees in IT courses starts from rs. 5000/- onwards.

Business Accounting course

Enrolling in Aptech’s Business Accounting course will provide you access to professional instruction in MS Excel, Office Automation, cutting-edge presenting strategies, and online corporate accounting practises. You may learn about business operations in the support services, finance & accounting, and banking industries by enrolling in process-based training.

Admission fees

The initial admission fees starts from Rs – 9,800 – 12,000/- .

Hardware and networking course

Becoming one of the best IT & Networking training institutes in Kolkata, Three distinct hardware and networking course types are offered by Aptech Gariahat. Short-term, professional, and career-related courses. Students who enrol in professional hardware networking courses can acquire:

Career programmes which last anything from six months to two years and include assistance with finding a job. Following completion of a career course at the Aptech Hardware & Networking Academy, candidates may qualify for positions as a hardware engineer, tech support manager, systems administrator, systems engineer, virtualization administrator, cloud engineer, RIM professional, and network engineer, among others.

Admission fees – The admission fees start from Rs – 10,000 /- onwards.

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