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the requirements to become an air hostess

What are the requirements to become an air hostess in 2022?

A person looking after all the needs and safety measures of every passenger traveling onboard is referred to as Flight Attendant. These flight attendants have a category known as Air Hostess who also work with the prime focus of looking after the safety and comfort of a passenger traveling with them. A large percentage of youth is getting inclined towards these aviation services. A lot of young girls dream of becoming an air hostess after seeing the fancy lifestyle, and different travel opportunities they intend to get. But, very few of them are able to make a pass through their dream because very less amount of people know about the actual procedure and requirements they need to make a pass with. These are some of the requirements which are compulsory for an aspirant to follow: Any girl between the age of 18 – 25 and having a minimum height of 157 cm(may vary from airline to airline) and weight appropriate according to the height. They should be unmarried and should have normal eyesight of 6/6 uncorrected vision in both eyes. There are varieties of ways using which one can become an air- hostess, some of them are:-

  • Apply for an air hostess training right after completing your 12th standard and then apply for a job
  • Complete your Graduation and then undergo air hostess training and after that apply for a job
  • Complete your Graduation (relevant) and then straight apply for a job

The requirements you need to pass to become an air hostess, like:-

  • Starting with the list of the requirements to become an air hostess in 2022, you should have attained your 10+2 degree or an equivalent from an accredited institution.
  • Moving forward with the requirements to become an air hostess in 2022, The candidates who haven’t done their high school( 10th standard) are needed to go for a GED test, i.e. General Educational Development Test.
  • Lastly, the requirement to become an air hostess in 2022 is that the candidate who is applying must complete a 3 to 6 weeks training program at the base location of the particular airline.

Note:- These are not the only requirements you need to fulfill to become an air hostess in 2022, the criteria can or may vary from airline to airline.

One can apply to one of the top training institutes in India after completing their 12th standard. Some top institutes for training in India are Pacific Airways, Frankfinn Institute of Air hostess Training, etc. The simple process for getting into these prestigious institutes is to qualify for the written test and the interview round. The ones who graduate with a degree or diploma in the fields such as hospitality, travel and tourism management, aviation, and aviation management are preferred by all the airlines (international and national both). There are also certain physical and medical requirements to become an air hostess in 2022 like one should not have any mental illness, they should even pass the hearing test and shouldn’t have any loss on audiometry, they also have to pass the vision test which is mandatory to check that the candidate’s far and near vision is in good condition with or without contact lenses or glasses, they should even pass the DOT fingerprinting and drug screening test. Additionally, there should not be any visible marks, tattoos, or piercing on one’s body.

The main key skill required by the candidates is to provide good customer service as it is an important and integrated part to succeed as an air hostess, the candidates applying should also possess the capability of performing a certain set of actions and skills to perform the specific tasks under severe pressure. One should even possess excellent interpersonal communication skills, good problem-solving skills, they should even have the capability to work with the different culturally diversified groups, etc. Since 2022 everything has started working after the heavy impact of the Covid-19 pandemic all the airlines are looking after recruiting a large number of air hostesses so that they can increase their fleet as all the paused work and unfinished businesses will resume this year. So, one has a lot of opportunities in front of them where they can apply and get selected after meeting the desired set of criteria. But, in order to fulfill your dream of being a successful air hostess you need to start working on your skillset as soon as possible, you should try being detail-oriented( pays close attention to all the minor details)  and should be organized to work within a team. You should attain the proper definition of professionalism yet should know how to showcase your empathetic behavior towards all the elders, children as well as sick passengers who are traveling on board.  You should have good physical conditions to handle all the situations one is put in from long shifts to different hefty tasks. Start working on your skills and quick & smart thinking for working in all the given situational constraints. You should have a good command of the English language but learning and getting through with different foreign languages may be an additional benefit when you are applying for any of these air hostess jobs. Hence, with the rising number of opportunities in this field one should be prepared by all means and should have the capability to surpass the criteria so that they can fulfill their dreams keeping in mind all the requirements to become an air hostess in 2022. 


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