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requirements to become an Airhostess

What are the requirements to become an air hostess in India?

Do you aspire to work as an Air Hostess? If you answered yes, this post will be beneficial to you. This guide was created with the needs of aspiring and experienced air hostesses in mind. This step-by-step guide will define the requirements to become an air hostess. It will make walk you through the entire process of becoming an air hostess in India. This book can be used by 10+2 students, diploma holders, and graduates to develop professional goals!

Before we get into the requirements to become an air hostess in India – let’s go over the basics of the air hostess career. You’ll discover answers like, who is an air hostess? What do they do and a list of guidance, requirements to become an air hostess!


Air Hostesses are airline crew members whose job it is to assure the safety and comfort of passengers on commercial flights. Flight attendants, cabin crew, air hosts, and flight stewards/stewardesses are all terms used to describe them.

The major responsibility of an air hostess is to guarantee that all passengers aboard the flight are comfortable and that all safety procedures are followed. Their job begins long before the passengers boarded the plane!

The pilots and chief flight attendant give them a safety briefing before they begin their duties. They take notes on safety and emergency checklists during this briefing. Following that, the boarding details are double-checked and verified. They pay special attention to passengers with special needs, children, VIPs, and the elderly. Passengers who fall into these categories are given extra attention.

What do they do?

Air hostesses enter the cabin and thoroughly inspect it before to passenger boarding. They make sure that all of the cabin’s parts and equipment are usable and in good operating order. They also make sure the cabin is clean and ready for passengers to board.

Air hostesses greet passengers and assist them to their seats during passenger boarding. They also help passengers pack their stuff. Passengers in the emergency evacuation row are given instructions on how to operate the exit door.

After that, there is a safety demonstration. They make sure that passengers are settled, comfortable, and that seat belts are tightened before taking off. Pre-take-off services are those that take place before the plane takes off.

After take-off, flight hostesses attend to the passengers’ requirements. Passengers are served food and beverages. They perform cabin and lavatory inspections in addition to customer service tasks (at regular intervals).

They communicate with the pilots and passengers in the event of turbulence in mid-flight. They get input from the pilots and pass it on to the passengers in such situations (if necessary). During such events, they guarantee that the cabin is safe. They stand at the exit doors on landing and keep an eye on the passengers disembarking.

Many of us believe that this is a female-only career. It is undeniable that women dominate this area. Male candidates, on the other hand, are welcome to apply! They may dress up as a flight steward, an air host, or a member of the cabin crew!

In short, an air hostess is educated to assure passenger safety and comfort. Customer service, first aid, emergency training, and cabin inspection are among the skills they’ve learned.

Here’s a list of skills and requirements to become an air hostess–

  • Communication abilities are excellent. Foreign language proficiency
  • Personality that is pleasing.
  • Excellent height (and proportional weight).
  • The skin appears to be clear.
  • Quick thinking and mental acuity
  • A keen sense of observation.
  • a caring attitude and a sense of obligation
  • endurance (willingness to work for long hours).
  • Technical expertise.
  • Ability to work well with others.


In India, to become an air hostess, a recognised board must pass 10+2. The minimal qualification necessary for education is 10+2.

Although 10+2 is the minimum required qualification, airlines nowadays prefer to select Bachelor or Diploma applicants. The phrase refers to courses connected to hotel management, travel & hospitality administration, aviation, tourism, etc.

The candidate must be unmarried. The age range should be 17 to 25 years old. Female candidates must be 157 cm tall, while male candidates must be 170 cm tall. The minimum height requirement varies by airline. Candidates’ weight should be proportional to their height. It will helpful if you have a clear complexion and confidence. If you meet the aforementioned criteria, you are qualified to apply for the position of air hostess/host or flight stewardess/steward.


Meet the requirements to become an air hostess- Make certain that you are qualified to apply for this position. Pay close attention to the physical, medical, and educational standards given forth by the airlines performing the hiring process.

Submit an application for the particular post- Majority of airlines that operate in India hold recruiting campaigns on a regular basis. They frequently place ads on their websites, employment boards, and major publications.

Attend and Clear the Selection Process- After executing a selection process, airlines choose deserving candidates. PAT (Aptitude Test), GD (Group Dynamics) test, and Interview are frequently included in the test. Candidates are shortlisted by airlines depending on their success in the above-mentioned tests. If you pass the selection process and make the merit list, you will be considered for further training by the airlines.

Complete the Training Tenure

The airlines will provide training to selected individuals. Customer service responsibilities, aircraft familiarization, technical subjects, safety procedures, aircraft laws and regulations, and emergency training are all covered in their training. Successful candidates will be placed on active duty by the airlines after successfully finishing the course!


An Air Hostess can advance to Senior Flight Attendant and then Head Attendant in the future. The normal career duration for an air hostess is eight to ten years, after which she can shift to ground tasks such as Check Hostess, Air Hostess training, Ground Hostess training, or management level jobs. Your personality is more crucial than your education when it comes to landing a job as an Air Hostess.


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