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Hotel management is more than a degree and students often look for a professional career in the hospitality industry. You have to do hard work in order to get succeed in this field. this sector is majorly based on the largest technologies and the international system. It also brings the excitement and facilities constant interest towards your work. student who have completed their higher secondary examination, get the eligibility for Hotel Management course.

 Student can pursue their hotel management course after the 12th. Hotel management admission goes on either based on merit or the results of hotel management entrance exams. In both cases, students have to obtain minimum 50% marks in the higher secondary examinations.

Why hotel management?

Hotel management is not limited to working hotels. You can get a wide range of job opportunities outside the countries also.

After completing the bachelor’s degree, students can go for MBA degree or other master’s degree.

  1. Students will get the opportunity to live outside the country. Top hotel brands hire good students to manage hotels all over the world.
  2. The pay range is pretty high in this sector. The average starting salary after graduation with hotel management courses starts from 2 lakhs to up to 6 lakhs per annum. With experience, it can reach up to 12 lakh per annum.
  3. This sector provides a perfect opportunity for students who want to own a hotel or restaurant. With a few years of experience, students get the potential to run their own venture.
  4. Hotel management sector will make an individual be at the centre of the main focus of many cultures. This provides an opportunity to learn so many things, to become an entrepreneur along with their food habit and luxury preferences.

The Eligibility for hotel management course-


  1. The eligibility for hotel management course is passing class 12 with the minimum aggregate score of 50%. In some cases, eligibility for hotel management after higher secondary is having a diploma in hotel management  or a certification in hotel management.
  2. The admission for courses are usually based on merit basis or first come first admission basis.
  3. Top hotel management institutes conduct their own entrance examinations. the admission goes on by the entrance exam scores. After that, the student needs to go on by interview round and group discussion round.
  4. For the government colleges, you have to make a rank in NSHMCT or JEE, which is usually conducted in the April.
  5. The sessions of hotel management courses usually starts in April.


dreaming of entering the hotel industry after completing hotel management courses need to have some skills in order to excel in the field. 

  • Observation skills-

Candidate must have the ability to understand the need and preferences of a customer. Most customers may not even make their needs known and may be accommodative to the hotel. It is the duty of the candidate, during their job , to understand their needs. Sometimes observing the customer’s queries solves the problems and avoids customer complaints.

  • Awareness-

Getting a job in hotel industry and surviving in this industry is very competitive. Sometimes problems comes from nowhere; for that case, these situations can be solved by the ability of foresee problems before they arises.  By pursuing the hotel management course, you need to aware of your work environment.

Best hotel management institutes and colleges provide such skills during the tenure of the course through internship which provides on field training to the candidates.

  • Problem solving skills-

The problem solving is the key roles you need to follow in this sector. if you have a dedication in hotel management sector, then you have to have the ability to solve different problems of passengers . he/She must know how to give medical support during emergencies.

  • Teamwork-

A successful restaurant or hotel runs by a good teamwork. Running a hotel has many teams, starting from kitchen to room service, front office executive, etc. as a team member, you should be able to work together and praise each other’s work. Sometimes  the good team work can led you to the promotion.

  • Multitasking-

You must have The Polite attitude and the mindset to help the customer and the intent to provide the best of the service possible is always welcome. Listen to their problem and try to solve their problem.

Apart from that, communication skills are a must-have aspect of the career as an air hostess. it is their duty to communicate with each and every customers, ensure their comfort and safety and guide them and listen to their problems in order to solve them.

  • Cooking skill-

The last but not the least, is cooking skills. This skill is the most important skill in the hotel industry. this  courses focus a huge part of their time on the cooking skills. Different types of cooking skills including different cuisines are taught to the students. Both theory and practical knowledges is provided during their course.

Job opportunities-

  1. front office job –

After completing the BHM course , you can get job in both hotel and airline sector.as a fresher, you can get job as a front office executive to the hotels and restaurants.

  1. airline sector-

airline sector is also a good option for hotel management students.  On the airline sector you can get job in various role like chef, catering manager, ground staff etc. As an airline catering manager, you will be responsible to maintain the standard of food delivered to the passenger and crew members. You have to ensure about the hygiene of the food and the passengers enjoy their meal. Apart from that you can also get a job  as a ground staff or as a public relation manager.

  1. catering service-

this is another unique sector that falls under the umbrella of the hotel management industry. As a catering manager, he/she leads the group of caterers and chefs. They are also responsible for catering. Catering services are all about food services and making sure that the process is carried out smoothly.

Other services like- hospitality in world school, house keeping, catering services in banks, etc.

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