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Take Your Career to New Heights: Enroll in Aptech Aviation Gariahat’s Aviation Training Courses

Any profession in aviation offers fulfillment on a personal and financial level, regardless of whether you choose to work as a commercial pilot, air hostess, ground staff, or any other position within the industry. This industry is enjoyable in many aspects.  Due to the constantly growing nature of the industry, there are innumerable opportunities in a wide range of different sub-industries, and one may also take advantage of several perks and advantages. The career in this aviation sector is both financially and mentally rewarding! In this generation, many students are going to take their aviation courses due to huge employment opportunities. If you are from Kolkata and looking for the best aviation training courses to elevate your career, choose Aptech’s range of aviation training courses.

In all respects, this industry is fulfilling. If you decide to make aviation your primary job, you should enroll in one of Kolkata’s Aptech aviation training courses. with them, you can take your career to new heights.

Let’s talk about in-depth about the course’s eligibility, duration, skills, fees structure, and employment scopes

Eligibility –

  • After the 12th examination, the student can pursue aviation training courses in any field ( arts, science, commerce). Candidates can directly apply from aviation colleges.
  • Candidate must secure at least 50 % in the higher secondary examination.
  • The age of the student should be between 18-26.
  • Most airline companies look for a minimum height of 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 5 inches.
  • The body weight should be proportionate to height. The candidate should have a good eyesight test.
  • During the recruiting period, trainers check the candidate’s eyesight. communication skills (English -written and verbal) should be a must for candidates.

This is how you can pursue the aviation training courses to become an air hostess after the 12th.

Duration of Aptech aviation training courses

  • The duration of this course is 12 months.

Aptech aviation – Course Highlight –

  • The introduction and principle of aviation, passenger handling, and airport management
  • You can be job ready with a mock interview session.
  • Get 100% job assistance from the institute
  • Gain job skills for a career in Indian and international airlines through their practical classes.
  • Improve your presentation and communication skills and learn various makeup techniques and hairstyles (for female candidates).

Mandatory skills to acquire –

  • Your duties as an aviation employee need you to communicate with a wide range of people. Consequently, having strong interpersonal skills is essential. A different passenger will be waiting for you on each trip. As a result, be sure you can communicate clearly. You will work with a range of cabin staff members in addition to those already listed on each trip. You must be able to build effective functional connections.
  • You must have a strong communication skills in English. Every day you will interact with various kinds of people all over the world. To give them proper instructions and guidance, you must have communication skills.
  • The cabin crew or flight attendant or ground staff must function as a unit during a flight to guarantee that everything is going well and that the passengers feel secure. You will need to work with your crew and provide a hand where it is needed to ensure that the flight runs as well as possible.
  • One of the essential characteristics a member of the flight attendant has to have is the capacity for flexibility and adaptation. You must adjust to unexpected circumstances and situations. Each traveler’s situation will be different. You need to be versatile if you want to handle any situations that could come up.

Fees  –

The admission fees for aviation training courses for Aptech aviation start from Rs. 69,000/-.

Employment scopes in the aviation sector –

After pursuing aviation training courses from Aptech, students can get job in various fields. For example –

Cabin crew –

As a cabin crew manager, it is your duty to oversee the performance of the cabin crew and ensure that all airline operating manuals, rules, and laws are followed. You would choose performance metrics, assign resources for flights, and obtain feedback on your crew and their performance evaluations reports together with the network planning division. The career in this aviation sector is both financially and mentally rewarding! In this generation, many students are going to take their aviation courses due to huge employment opportunities.

Customer service –

After pursuing an aviation course, you can get a job as a customer service representative. your duties will include helping customers with inquiries about airline tickets, schedule changes, luggage issues, and customer loyalty programs while working in customer service and at airports. Additionally, they help travellers with check-in, ticketing, flight details, luggage management, and ticket-related issues that arise while traveling.

Flight attendant –

To maintain a safe and pleasurable flight, flight attendants make sure that passengers follow all laws and regulations. You must pass a test to obtain a license in order to become a flight attendant if you want to begin a career in this profession. Also, you must excel in multitasking, communication, attractiveness, and emotional support.

Air cargo agent –

By easing every step of the cargo transportation process, a cargo agent is accountable for guaranteeing that cargo shipment are delivered precisely and on schedule. This includes collecting and processing the required paperwork and payments, planning shipments’ destinations and choosing the best shipping options, weighing packages, and organizing the logistics and transportation specifics.

Quality control manager –

The main duty of a quality control officer is to determine if the tools and materials needed to manufacture an aircraft comply with standards or not. As a quality control specialist, you may have a successful career in aviation if you have an eye for detail and know how to use advanced instruments to assess quality.

Aviation Agent-

In this industry, you can take on a variety of positions and responsibilities, including things like airport operations, hiring, account management, public relations, economics, etc. In addition, you will be responsible for seeing that the industry’s different laws, rules, and regulations are followed.

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