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Hospitality management course in Kolkata

Unlock Your Potential with Hospitality Management Course in Kolkata at Aptech Aviation Gariahat

The hospitality industry in India is currently growing and varied. Hospitality management is the control of several divisions in hotels, resorts, and healthcare facilities. They generally concentrate largely on providing services to visitors, food, information, and event planning. Higher-level managers and personnel are in charge of administrative tasks, training, and scheduling to make sure that their department works efficiently and provides unique experiences for its guests.  For everyone to handle their accommodations, transport, food and beverage services, and options for recreation, qualified and competent experts are required. Aptech has created a comprehensive, in-depth hospitality course with these expectations in mind. Aptech Aviation provides different types of hospitality management courses in Kolkata such as tourism and hospitality profession, ground staff and hospitality management and many other courses. You can get employment after finishing this course at prominent hotels, resorts, airports, and travel agencies. Unlock Your Potential with Hospitality Management Course in Kolkata at Aptech Aviation Gariahat.

What qualifications are required for a career in hospitality management?

Hospitality management is all about giving passengers and customers comfort and guidance during their journey. You could succeed in hospitality management if you have strong communication abilities, a keen eye for detail, and competence in the technical skills required for your position.

Apart from that you need strong teamwork skills and must be a  quick learner.

Hospitality management – Course highlights

By joining their courses, you can

  • Learn about the cultures and demographics of prominent tourist spots in India and beyond.
  • Recognise the guiding principles of international exchanges and have a working knowledge of how travel agents operate.
  • Learn to classify and calculate airfares.
  • Learn about hiring people, departmental structure, financial performance & operations, and menu planning, among other elements of hotel management.
  • Develop your soft skills and communication. Recognise and practise the grooming manners necessary for work in the hospitality sector.
  • Get help with job placement
  • Use the fast-track option to finish the course as soon as possible.

Hospitality management – wider scope

The activities and methods involved in running a hospitality company are all included in hospitality management. Whether via food, accommodation, events, entertainment, or travel, these businesses place a strong emphasis on greeting clients and giving them pleasurable experiences.  After studying hospitality management course in Kolkata, students can get job in different fields, such as –

Travel guider/ travel agent

Travel agents, sales management, and tour managers are all positions in this industry. Reservations for trips, overseeing guest services and entertainment, managing staff, developing budgets, as well as sales and marketing, are among a candidate’s primary responsibilities. As a manager of travel and tourism, you might have to travel sometimes to manage and scout for new vacation spots.

Front office

 as a hospitality student, you can get job as a front office manager in the hospital and hotel industries. The salary range is pretty much decent. As a front office staff, you have to take responsibilities In billing, guiding clients, and giving information.

Public relation manager 

For hotel management graduates looking for a dynamic, significant participation that allows them to build a large network of connections, public relations is the ideal career path. Public relations may serve as a staging point for those with the greatest creativity into the field of advertising. In this job you have to deal people day to day . You must have a strong communication skill in English. Apart from that, you need to have a strong writing skills which is needed for blogs, social media, newspaper and magazine.

Tour guider

You’ll tell tourists or travellers about a certain location or a collection of locations in your capacity as a tour guide. Museums, government structures, historic places, parks, neighbourhoods, even entire towns or cities are examples. Additional job obligations might consist of:

  • Getting payment
  • providing brochures and maps
  • translating for international guests
  • giving instructions on safety measures

Customer service

you can get a job as a customer service representative or business development manager in hotels, hospitals or in the corporate sectors. The salary scale starts from 15,000 onwards. As a fresher, the salary range seems comparatively low but gradually gain experiences, the salaries also increase!

Is hospitality management a good career?

Hospitality management is all about comforting travellers, travel all across the world and working among different kind of people. The ability to work anywhere in the globe is one of the benefits of professions in hospitality.

You can change sectors and pursue new possibilities thanks to the many transferrable skills in hotel management. Instead of merely studying a textbook, this degree encourages you to get engaged and see what the hospitality industry is truly like! Being mindful of the client experience is the most crucial ability that every prospective hospitality manager can possess. So definitely hospitality management is an excellent career choice.

Salary range in hospitality management

Your pay will differ based on whether you’re a hotel manager, an events manager, or more widely employed in the tourism sector. The hiring company and job duties affect salaries and pay, as they do in all sectors. Your earning potential will rise as your career progresses in line with your obligations.

Best institute for a hospitality management course in Kolkata

Students who are from Kolkata and want to build their career in the hospitality sector, must check Aptech’s range of hospitality courses! The top hospitality courses are provided by them. One of the greatest places for expanding your hospitality profession is here. In addition to teaching students the skills that the hospitality industry demands, their most recent syllabus for these courses also include supervised grooming sessions that help students improve their entire personalities.

After enrolling in and finishing this hospitality course, you can get employment in hotels, airlines, and airports. With the assistance of Aptech’s trained hospitality expert, you may prepare for a variety of in-demand positions.


To join this career-building course, you need class 12 or 10+2 in Arts, Science, Commerce or any other field. A 3-year diploma in engineering or other field, from a state board of technical education, is also accepted.

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