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Programming languages for Web development

Top 5 Programming languages for Web development in 2023

A programming language is a system of notation for writing a computer program. If you are a beginner or a pro, you should remind the point that – web development is mainly classified into two parts – frontend and backend development. As a programmer, you need to use both. If you are planning to develop your website then you should learn the programming language first. Let’s walk through some top 5 Programming languages for Web development 


Python –

Most of IT companies and google use python significantly. One of the major plus points of using python for web development is it has a huge collection of standard libraries which makes the work for developers comparatively easy and fast. Websites like quora, Netflix, uber, youtube, Pinterest, etc are made with python(majorly). Python is an object-oriented, high-level language with dynamic semantics. Python is one of the top programming languages for web development.

Python was first implemented in 1989 December. Guido van Rossum at CWI in the Netherlands gave a start to this unique programming language. If you are thinking of developing your website, jump on with python and make no doubts!


Javascript –

A survey was held in 2015 to show how much people use javascript. The research shows that javascript is one of the most popular and used programming languages for web development, slotting ahead of java and PHP. Javascript also combines well with other programming languages and makes it one of the most popular programming languages on GitHub projects for web development language. The javascript programming language provides you with several remarkable features for backend developers. For example- dynamic typing, lightweight scripting language, object-oriented programming support, side validation, and many more. Google, Facebook, eBay, and many popular websites use javascript language.


Golang –

Golang is one of the most admirable and loved programming languages for web developers all over the world. Golang is technically the typed programming language that is designed at google and has a syntax that is quite similar to c+ language. Golang is one of the youngest programming languages in this field. Some of the major apps and websites like TikTok, twitch, and DailyMotion- use the golang programming language. Golang is developed by Google which is like javascript and is the next big programming language making a striking debut in the web development domain. Some of the major good features of going are- readable code, easy to learn, high performance, and many more.


Html 5-

Html is one of the most used programming languages all over the world.html is a scripting language. It is technically not a programming language itself but it has to be included on this list. Html provides the structure for the web pages and they are responsible for the proper formatting of text and images. Html allows us to use templates. As a result, designing the webpage becomes easy. They are quite easy to learn. Html is currently supported in every browser including Microsoft Bing, and firefox.



Php or hypertext preprocessor is an open-source scripting language majorly used by backend developers. Php is mostly used for developing dynamic and data-heavy websites and it is an interpreted language. Global websites like Facebook, Mailchimp, eBay, WordPress, and Wikipedia are developed by using PHP. It is a powerful tool for making dynamic and responsive web pages. It is one of the most used programming languages for web development. Php supports some major protocols such as pop3, IMAP, HTTP, and many more. You can easily use PHP language to access pages of your website. Apart from that, you can use PHP to encrypt the data and apply validation. Php is a secure server-side scripting language. There have many hash functions available in the PHP for the encryption of user data.

If you are a beginner and looking for developing your website, use PHP programming language.


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