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Build a Promising Future in the Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat’s Cutting-Edge Courses | Aptech Gariahat on Training Courses

After passing the higher secondary examination, in the 12th grade, students who want to work as flight attendants or cabin crew are able to enrol in aviation training courses. When seeking a position in the aviation industry, you must receive your training from a renowned institution. It’s typical to want to be a flight attendant or an air hostess. It demands a lot of standing and work despite its appeal and good travel capabilities. The principles of flying, safety precautions, and general procedures that must be followed throughout the flight are the key topics addressed in aviation courses in aviation colleges. Aptech Aviation is specialized in the aviation sector and provides various courses related to the aviation industry. Each student receives pre-sized skills and knowledge from Aptech Gariahat on training courses. Aptech is recognized as one of Kolkata’s top aviation training institutions because of its training curricula. You can Build a Promising Future in the Aviation Industry with Aptech Aviation Gariahat’s Cutting-Edge Courses. Their curriculum will help students land jobs with esteemed airlines, hotels, and other organizations in the travel, hospitality, and public service industries.

Aptech Gariahat on training courses provide –

  • Aviation, tourism, and hospitality management
  • Ground staff and hospitality management
  • Airport management and customer care
  • Ground staff service
  • Cabin crew service
  • Aptech-certified customer service professional
  • Airport terminal operations and management

Aptech Gariahat on training course covers –

  • In the Aptech aviation course, you can get Combining lecture material with hands-on learning experiences, this course offers chances for professional development. Additionally, you will receive training in all facets of aviation administration, from in-flight operations to ground operations, cargo and load management, personnel and resource management at the airport, to determining prices and distributing tickets.
  • Apart from receiving comprehensive training in all areas of hospitality administration, you will also learn how to handle cleaning, F&B services, reservations, and accounting. After receiving hands-on training in tourist travel & tour operations and travel desk management, you’ll be prepared to join prestigious travel agencies and compete for attractive career positions.
  • You would receive training in both presentation and English communication abilities in addition to technical skills and communication.

Eligibility –

Aptech’s Aviation training courses are open to students with backgrounds in commerce, science, or the arts. The necessary exams for the 12th grade must be passed with a minimum mark. They must also be fit, which includes having the proper height, weight, and vision.

  • Education – students from any background must have passed the higher secondary examination with at least 50% aggregate.
  • Age – The student should be between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • BMI – Body weight and height should be in proportion.
  • Height – Most airlines want employees who are between 5 feet 2 inches and 5 feet 5 inches tall.
  • Communication skills – Candidates should be required to have excellent verbal and written communication abilities in English.
  • Medical test -candidate should be medically fit. The applicant should pass the vision exam well. The candidate’s vision is assessed by trainers during the recruiting phase.

Duration of aviation courses –

There are numerous courses available for air hostess training, including diploma and bachelor’s degree studies. A bachelor’s course lasts one to two years, whereas a diploma course lasts six months. The average length of an air hostess’ training program is six months to a year.

Course highlights –

  • A mock interview session to prepare you for the basics of flying, passenger handling, and airport administration.
  • Receive 100% of the institute’s job support.
  •  Through their practical training, you may learn work skills for a career in domestic and international airlines.
  •  Develop your communication and presenting abilities, as well as different hair and makeup methods (for female candidates).

Why you should choose Aptech?

  • With 32 years of experience, Aptech Gariahat on training courses follows 3 steps method of theory. They conduct up-to-date classroom and practical sessions to make sure that every part of the lesson remains in the student’s memory. The faculties are also trained and experienced in this related field.
  • One of the best aviation training colleges in Kolkata is Aptech. At each educational branch, Aptech Aviation upholds a high quality of education. No matter where you are, every class is taught using the same methodology. Aptech is one of Kolkata’s top aviation training institutions because of this. They offer instruction and advice in little doses that are really beneficial and impart knowledge that can be applied in the real world.
  • The pressure to learn is eased by their technique of teaching. Through an interesting learning experience in the classroom and outside as well, the student may immediately develop their knowledge.
  • Their faculties are experienced and they have come from their respective field of the subject so you can get full support and gain knowledge from your course. That’s why Aptech Gariahat on training courses is considered one of the best aviation training colleges in Kolkata.

Roles and responsibilities of a flight attendant/cabin crew  –

  • The important task of the cabin crew is to present to all the passengers what to do and what, not in case of emergency. They need to instruct them in both auditory and visual.
  • Air hostesses are bound to provide passengers with the required information about the journey.
  • They have to take responsibility for the cockpit door to the back kitchen area. The cabin crew is not liable outside the aircraft or inside the cockpit.
  • Make an announcement on behalf of the pilot and answer all the queries of every passenger.
  • Serve meal and drinks to every passenger.
  • As a cabin crew, you have to make sure that the passengers disembark safely at the end of a flight and scan that there is no luggage left in the overhead vaults no suspected or stories items on board.
  • Airhostess or cabin crew are assigned with opening the emergency exit door in case of an accidental situation. Passengers sitting right next to the emergency exit doors are also responsible.
  • When the required materials are to be packed into the airplane before take-off, the cabin crew must differ from company to company.

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